What's everyone's opinion on this? I trimmed the fur on the back of my corgi's hind legs,, but now I see these photos of corgis with the pretty flowing hind leg fur.

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After 18 years with a wonderful standard poodle, the last thing I wanted was a dog I had to trim! Mine are "wash 'n wear" and that is the way I like it! It requires a rinse off once and a while but it is still very easy.
I think it is a matter of preference. Buddy's used to be really long when we got him and I would trim it up, but without the tail, certain "things" would remain there that didn't belong there if you know what I mean! Then I started trimming across the top and down the insides of the legs and my husband told me he looked like he had a "That Girl" haircut from the back! Don't know if you remember that show with Marlo Thomas and her bangs?? LOL But we live in FL, and have recently started cutting him short all over and he really seems to enjoy it. The flowing fur looks nice, but his muffin butt is just as adorable without it! I'll be posting pics of him this weekend with short hair - - check him out!!
Its all a matter of preference for you and for your dog. Live in a hot climate? Might be a good idea. Since I live in a cooler climate I wouldn't normally trim my corgi, plus I just love the way she lays down on her stomache and those little legs dissapear into the fur with just the feet sticking out.
I recently went to a corgi meet-up and none of the leg fur was trimmed. So, for now, I'm letting it grow. Maybe I'll trim it in the spring.....
Petie got trimmed up in the back by accident at the groomers. There were three corgis there that day, one who gets a bob, and my two naturals. I was less than happy. It is taking forever to grow back. I love a fluffy bunny butt!
I prefer the long flowing hind leg fur. I took alex to Petco to get a bath for the first time and they trimmed her hind leg fur. She looked like a bunny! It was so funny to watch but the long flowing hind leg fur looks more natural for a corgi in my opinion.
i like kirby the way he is, but i recently was at a corgi party, and the owners of a few of the corgis, has do do some corgi butt wiping because of all the fur.... if it comes to that for me, im trimming


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