I am scoping out collars and leashes and am having a hard time figuring out what colors would look good on her. I am partial to greens, blues, and purples, but I'm not sure how those would look on a tri. My boyfriend like yellows and oranges. I know we will probably end up buying a cheap collar until we can take her to the pet store to try on different looks!

Pics would be appreciated!

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I am a car guy and Harley rider. I found Gabby a collar at the Harley store. It fits her personality. It is pink and says Harley Davison, and  "Bad to the Bone" on it....suits her very well and looks good on the girl....

That is very fitting! I know pink would look good on my girl, I just HATE the color pink.... So that leaves me in a tricky spot! She sounds very cute in it though!

she's a yr old now. You really don't see the collar all that much once they grow into it. The fur around her neck hides it for the most part. If she is black in that area, a blk collar wouldn't even be seen. She started out with a blk collar. Just have fun with it. I will probably buy another for her for Xmas anyway. She's one of the kids now. LOL...

That is very true. This little girl is going to be very spoiled, I just know it! My girl has a nice white collar around her neck, so hopefully it will be somewhat easy to see her collar.  At least until her mane grows in!

I have a red collar on Bailey and it looks great.  I also have a harness in red and another in green.  The red makes it easier to spot him.

Very true! I didn't think about red making it easier to see your dog. 

Luigi has a black collar with a white design on it, but you can't see it because of his hair. When he gets full grown I want to get him a  nice brown leather collar.

Ohh I bet a leather collar would look fantastic!

I have a female tri... she has a sparkly teal colored collar and she wears it well!!!!  And her ID tag is in a light teal/ blue color so it compliments that!  Teals/ Blues go well with browns and as others have pointed out, the collar is hidden by her long hair but the ID tag is always visible.

Sparkly teal sounds adorable! Where did you buy the collar? I am leaning towards a brown leather collar or a nylon collar with blues/teals :)

I do like the looks of this tri on the right.

That is a gorgeous tri! You can barely see that harness peeking out!


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