I just got the furminator and began to use it and when i got to Foxi's tail I couldnt believe all the hair that I brushed out of it!!!! I always thought her tail was thick but I was shocked to see how much hair I got! It looked like more than I got from her entire body! Anyone else experience this?

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I just ordered a Furminator! (I started finding my German Shepherd's fur everywhere at work, and that's when I decided it was beyond time for one.) I'll have to let you know what comes out of Griffy's super fluffy tail when I go to town on it :)
Sid's got a pretty sleek fox-like tail. My daughter brushes it on occasion but the furminator does not take much fur out.
chloe doesn't have a bushy tail, and thats really a good thing. i cant get her to hold still for me to brush her tail. it usually takes mark and i both for me brush it out. she loves being brushed everywhere else and will even just bring me her brunsh sometimes, but the second i touch her tail with a brush she's gone.

Kerby has a pretty bushy tail too, but he HATES having it brushed! That Furminator is the best, though...you practically take a whole new dog's worth of fur out every time you brush!



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