Ever since I've had my corgi, she has been afraid of larger bodies of water. Shes fine in the tub but the first time I took her hiking by a stream, she wanted nothing to do with it. She was practicing avoidence and not even looking at the water. The same went for the pool. Now when we go hiking at the same place, I can't keep her out of the little pools but she is still wary of the swimming pool. I've taken it very slow and been patient but persistant. This behavior is totally new to me seeing as how I went from Golden Retrievers to a Corgi and does anyone know what else I can do? I'm getting her a life jacket on saturday but she is able to swim and swim well. So, any similar problems or tricks of the trade?

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If your Corgi is anything like mine she will go in on her own agenda. Cookie was very skeptical about water her first summer (last year) but all of a sudden this year she goes in and loves it. I'm thinking the life jacket might just freak her out. I know Cookie wouldn't have liked it as an intro to swimming, too much like a harness....
Give her time, she'll probably warm up to the idea on her own.
My parent's dog did not ever willingly go into water. Then one summer we were camping and it was HOT. There was a beautiful lake but she just waded in and wouldn't swim. I threw a stick for her and she bounded in, swam to it and retrieved it. It's her favorite game and now she always jumps right in.

Does your corgi fetch? Try tossing a stick or her ball?
LOL, be careful what you wish for! Unless you have a real need for your corgi to swim, you might want to let her decide if it looks like so much fun that she wants to join you. At the time we got Rookie, my beloved corgi, we didn't have kids or a fenced pool. I had to teach him where the steps were so if he ever fell into the pool, he could get out safely. We taught him too well. Soon he was swimming every time the temperature reached 70º, which is like every day in southern CA. He'd get soaked, roll in soil and be covered in mud all summer. Also as a herding dog, every time my husband or I were in the pool, he'd jump on our heads. I have to say that he had the most amazing diving moves. For a corgi with maybe 4" legs, he could dive almost 8' from a standing position on the pool coping. I'll have to dig up and scan some old pictures. I loved the Rookie dives. He was the Greg Louganis of dogs. I was thrilled to learn that one of the famous corgi owners was Greg Louganis.

6 mo. after we got Rookie, we got a beautiful Corgi puppy, Maggie. She had zero interest in swimming, but would run around the pool barking and yelling at Rookie every time he took a swim. Installing a pool fence was our best purchase!
Here's our youngest daughter (who's now a volunteer in the Peace Corps, West Africa) with our 2nd pair of Corgis, Dylan and Emily. Note the pool is fenced! haha.

Dylan and Emily, at almost a year old. Dylan is in the rear. They were litter mates. When Dylan died at 14yo, we were bereft and got Lucy within a few months. I think the only way to ease the sorrow of losing a beloved Corgi is to get another one! Or 2 or 3!!!


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