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  • Marching Band Corgis

    5 members Latest Activity: Feb 6, 2011 Corgis and their owners that are in a concert band or in marching band or corgis that love music!!! Parents of marching band students too!!

  • Summer 2008 Puppies

    69 members Latest Activity: Dec 16, 2013 Join if you have a puppy that was born in the summer of 2008!

  • Southwest Florida Corgis

    37 members Latest Activity: Dec 16, 2015 Corgi owners of all ages from Sarasota, Charlotte and neighboring counties intrested in meet-ups and socializing.

  • Alaskan Corgis

    20 members Latest Activity: Nov 22, 2013

  • Tokyo Corgis

    21 members Latest Activity: May 23, 2013 I am happy to be able to create a corgi group from Japan, but I wonder what I am going to do without any members... Please join this group! 日本語も使えます♪

  • Philly Area Corgis

    30 members Latest Activity: Oct 4, 2015 his is a group of people in the Philadelphia area who are owned by either Pembroke or Cardigan Welsh Corgis.

  • Smithshire Glen Corgis

    4 members Latest Activity: Jun 29, 2016

    Where all corgis from Debora Smith of Smithshire Glen Corgis ( in Loomis CA can meet

  • St. Louis Corgis

    9 members Latest Activity: Sep 7, 2016

    Welcome! This group is for Corgis, their owners and enthusiasts who live in the St.Louis area. This will be a place to chat, discuss events and…

  • SSR Pembroke Welsh Corgis

    4 members Latest Activity: Oct 28, 2013

    My Pembroke's and extended family of Pembroke Welsh Corgi


    63 members Latest Activity: Mar 30, 2014

    For those who have a corgi born in 2013 to post stories and pics as our corgis grow up.

  • Western NY Corgis

    7 members Latest Activity: Dec 5, 2014 For any fellow corgi lover in the Western New York area or nearby who is interested in corgi play dates, picnics, walks, and more!

  • Corgi Adventurers Club

    13 members Latest Activity: Apr 11, 2016

    Welcome to CAC! If you like to go on adventures with your corgi, such as hiking, travels, treks, or if your not such an advanced corgi adventurer,…

  • Shorthair showdown

    14 members Latest Activity: Feb 23, 2013

    this is a group for owners that own a shorthair corgi. May your lives be filled with short hair:)

  • Southern California Corgis

    4 members Latest Activity: Jul 5, 2015

     Corgi owners in Southern California

  • Etsy Corgis!

    32 members Latest Activity: Mar 5

    This is a group for all Corgi lovers who have discovered the wonder that is ETSY for dog-related items! Please post pix of your finds and…

  • Corgi that love playing at the park(and home)

    2 members Latest Activity: May 26, 2013

    this is a group for Corgis who love to play at home or at the park.Please share your stories of your corgis playing and what their favorite toy…

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