MyCorgi.com Inc is a U.S. 501(c)3 non profit charity registered in the state

of Florida.

To provide a friendly helpful community for corgi owners worldwide
To fund raise and assist corgi rescues through various projects

MyCorgi.com was founded in September 2007 by Sam Tsang and Silvia Li.

After attending a local meetup in Orlando Florida, the idea of creating a friendly corgi community was born.

In November 2008, MyCorgi.com made the transition to become a non-profit charity. 200 rescue wristbands were donated to the participants at the Florida Corgi Picnic, the event raised $500 to Sunshine Corgi Rescue and $2045.61 to CorgiAid. A calendar was also published the very same year and raised over $1000 to benefit rescue corgis.

On March 29th 2009, MyCorgi.com tripled it's membership in just 10 months, successfully became the number one corgi community on the web.

On May 1st 2009, MyCorgi.com teamed up with UMB and launched the world's 1st Corgi Rescue VISA Card to benefit corgi rescues. $500 went to ForPaws Corgi Rescue on August 23rd 2009.

On June 21st 2010, MyCorgi.com teamed up with ASPCA and the Hartville Group and launched the world's 1st Corgi Group Insurance in the US. Offering affordable discounted healthcare to all members.

On November 15th 2010, MyCorgi.com donated $500 to CorgiAid. Note

On November 23rd 2010, MyCorgi.com donated $500 to Ocean Dog Rescue for their corgi rescue effort in Taiwan and Vancouver, BC.


In April 2011, Animal Planet / Discovery Channel (US) approached MyCorgi.com with the show "Small Dogs, Big Jobs", Bevy the corgi was chosen, filming took place at the Wiley's Ranch in Musselshell, MT.

In 2009 a board was formed to oversee the staff in running a successful non-profit charity. All board members are volunteers and received no compensation. Board members were chosen from a diverse non-profit experience to ensure a fair and balance operation.

Chairman - Chris Chan MS
Treasurer - Anita Wong RPAA
Member - Alysia Booth MS
Member - Cicilia Wong MS
Member - Felix Wong Ph.d.
Member - Katie Reinhold BS
Member - Kathy Li BS

All staff members are volunteers and receive no compensation. We are not affiliated with any special interest groups such as vendors, breeders, vets, humane society, animal rights group...etc.

CEO - Sam Tsang MBA
CFO - Andy Wong MBA
CTO - Silvia Li BS
Ambassador - Geri
Ambassador - Natalie
Ambassador - AJ

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