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davisburg, MI
About Me:
I'm really a beginner with computers so patience please, I'm still learning.
I'm a retired floral designer and love to garden. I have 3 children,
18, 21, and 23! This site looks very cute and interesting.
About My Corgi(s):
I have a rescued Akita, Penny who is approx 6 years old. Roscoe is our
little corgi boy, a tri. He's just over a year old. Roscoe is hydrocephalic
which means he has excess cerebral spinal fluid. The breeder failed to
tell us this. He's adorable but has lost his sight which doesn't seem to be a problem for him except for bumps and thumps. Unfortunately, the one symptom these little guys have is that they can't be housetrained! Yep, I wipe up approximately 25 puddles a day. The steroid he takes to decrease the fluid in his brain causes excess urination. It can get me down but he's so cute and we're lucky he's lived this long. The neurological vet couldn't believe he's made it so far. Every day is a blessing with little Roscoe. Sorry to be so wordy. It's just good to share with other corgi lovers. Thanks.

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Hi all. Well, my Roscoe just celebrated his 2nd birthday this past weekend! Because of his condition we were told not to expect him to live up to one year, and here we are into his second. I'm so hap…

Posted on September 25, 2008 at 5:30pm 9 Comments

Hi all. Well, my Roscoe just celebrated his 2nd birthday this past weekend! Because of his condition we were told not to expect him to live up to one year, and here we are into his second. I'm so happy. He still has his problems and we keep him pretty protected, but he's a happy little guy! Continue

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At 5:55pm on September 23, 2009, Kristen said…
North Platte is about 4.5 hours from us in the western part of the state. We live near Lincoln and Omaha on the eastern part of the state. Your husband probably drove on the interstate so he was pretty close to use when he went throught the eastern part of the state. What is the reason Audrey is moving to she going to school? How far is Denver from you? We are about nine hours or so. I hate the empty nest! Could be why I have so many dogs! The offer is always on the table for you to stop and stay at our place on your way to visit Audrey. Poor Bazel, if its not one thing it is another. Are the torn ligaments from the Great Dane attack? Hard to believe Roscoe is three. He is just defying all the odds. Fergie turned three in June, but didn't get a pizza! Craig is still out of work and it is a stress at so many levels...Not sure how long this is going to go on. I'm not always handling the stress well. We see Sarah about every weekend...mostly at Softball games. She is looking forward to a weekend home with no games. Me too! Can't believe that we are almost through September. I went and bought a new orchid so I could prolong my "flower season" I have several orchids, but none are blooming so I got one full of buds! Makes me smile! Hope to see Emily soon. I hate to think I have to wait until Christmas. Darn these kids with their own lives! How is your dad?--take care--Kristen
At 4:10pm on August 31, 2009, Kristen said…
Sorry about Penny. I think you are doing the right thing. I would think all the testing would do is stress her out. Comort and love is all any of us can ask for. Too bad I don't live closer. I would love to help you out and watch the dogs. Maybe you will be able to make a trip out later. If you need a place to stay half way you can always come to our house. Kids are funny. They want their independance, but then when our focus falls off them they have a hard time handling it. Sarah gives me a hard time about my Corgi obsession...but I think she understands...don't know how life would be without all that unconditional love...Fern must be a barker as well. She barks when ever she gets excited and that includes meal time. It is a bit of an annoying bark, but she is such a sweet girl otherwise. Poppit has started talking to me. She gets so excited when I get home she barks and then roos...Kinda cute...for now anyway. I'm with you a nice quiet weekend away would be wonderful.
At 10:17am on August 28, 2009, Kristen said…
OK not good to have Audrey break her ankle, but at least you get her home for a while! Must have been a bad break. When does she leave for Denver? So far away. Sarah is back at school and I miss having her home. My husband is still out of work I wish he wasn't home so much!

Poppit (new blind Corgi) is doing great. Doesn't run into too much--mostly the other dogs. Like you said it seems that they have an extra sense about those things. I still hold my breath when she is running with the dogs in the front yard. She has become my velcro dog and is developing her Corgi attitude. She still has a way to go on her people social skills. She is just afraid of new things and people. I might take her to Petsmart this weekend and see how she does out and about. She came from a rescue organization ( 7 Bells Sanctuary) in Missouri. It is too bad they don't have a way to neuter Roscoe without using a general anesthesia. I wonder if his aggression may be more from the steroids than his hormones...although a combination might make things worse. What kind of aggression? Roscoe seems to be an amazing little guy and has beaten the odds so far. It is interesting seeing him in his pictures holding his head so high. Poppit does that as well. I wonder if they do that so they don't bump their noses into things? You will have to post a picture of Bazel with his funky haircut. Glad the antihistimines are working out. did you find something other than Benadryl? How is Penny?

How is your dad doing do they have the blood pressure problem figure out? You certainly have your hands full! Take care. Maybe we will have an opportunity to meet in the future. Take care.--Kristen
At 11:40pm on July 28, 2009, Tabitha Sparks said…
oops, i meant to say Roscoe
At 11:38pm on July 28, 2009, Tabitha Sparks said…
i think people like you make the world a better place. thank you for giving penny a good home.
At 11:20am on July 28, 2009, Kristen said…
Penny, sorry for such a a slow reply. did you find out if your dad could do the carotid stents? Thank goodness you had him move in with you! How is all of this affecting his Alzheimers? Hope Bazel is still on the road to recovery. Has any of the hair started growing back? Infection under control? Hopefully not still doing daily vet visits? You are spending way too much time in medical facilities...both human and pet. Hopefully this last week was completely uneventful. I am probably going to be looking to you for some advice. We just took in a little blind Corgi...not completely blind. She has juvinile cataracts and her vision is severely limited, she gets around well, but does scare easily. She hates the leash, but we are working on it. She and Roscoe would be great playmates. I feel like I am a crazy woman for taking in another dog, but she broke my heart. It is too bad we live so far apart we could have a lot to talk about over a pot of coffee!
At 2:29pm on July 9, 2009, Kristen said…
Hi Penny! Good to hear from you. I did not get an email from you last week You might try my work email ( How is your dad doing? Was it his heart again? Is he home? I think about you often and hope that all of this isn't putting too much stress on you. Keeping you in my prayers. How scary for Bazel to be mauled by a pack of great danes..I know how frightening it can be. Poor Audrey. When Basil was alive he had been mauled by a large dog. Puncture wounds on his neck and all the skin peeled back on one of his ears. I just felt so helpless when Basil was being shaken back and forth. I thought he was dead. I can't imagine what it would have been like with three such big dogs. Basil seemed unphased by all all of it in the long run. They are amazingly adaptable. I bought one of those inflatable cones for Fern after her surgery, but I got the wrong size and took it back. She didn't bother her stitches so I didn't get another, but even too big it was better than the cone. Poor Corgis are so short that they catch those plastic cones on everything. The inflatable was pretty expensive if I remember right, but if I needed one again i would buy it. I bought mine at PetSmart. Our golden/black lab cross Tess died on Monday night. We had her for 16 years...She passed quietly at home. Sad, but we were so lucky to have her for so long. Sorry to ramble on. Always good to hear from you.
At 6:51pm on May 1, 2009, Sir Riley of Pembroke said…
Yeah we are doing good here. May 12th is the surgery day I will keep u updated. What food do you feed Roscoe? Is it special or anything? Koby was eating natural balance sweet potatoes and fish He loves it but his breath!!! ahhh I bought a tooth brush and have been brushing his teeth lol
At 1:43pm on April 25, 2009, Sir Riley of Pembroke said…
How are things going? Koby is getting big! I am keeping busy here...I am sure you are as well. Koby is 4 months old now and in two weeks he is getting fixed! I hope he doesn't act strange afterward. My neighbor says her dog is acting funny since surgery...
At 7:53pm on April 13, 2009, Kristen said…
Penny, how are you!? It has been a while. I don't get on MyCorgi all that often. Work is too busy...I need a life change! I've been thnking about you as I watch my spring bulbs popping out of the ground! Emily has decided to go back to school...yay...lets hope it sticks! Sarah was home over the Easter was hard having her head back today. I stayed home from work so we could hang out. How is your dad doing? The dogs are all foing well.How are Roscoe, Penny and Bazel? I know how busy you must be, but I hope that you will be able to spend time in the garden soon. When is the wedding? Take care.--Kristen

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