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Cleaning Floors?

We put in our carpet 3 yrs ago, and I've never had to clean it. It's held up very well. But I've decided that with 3 cats and now 2 dogs I'm gonna do it before fall gets here. I don't want to use harsh chemicals, I'm sensitive to alot of things, and I'm sure there not good for all of my furbabies. What does everyone recommend as far as carpet cleaning? Commercial, or DIY? If commercial, what companies? If DIY what machines and products?


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Archie has never been on flea control. His breeder said she's never had a flea problem. About a week after I brought him home I found a couple on him, so at his first visit with my vet I got him some. I've always used Advantage with Caleb and had great results. Well the vets office switched from carrying Advantage to this new kind called Vectra. It is very strong smelling, and ever since I put it on him he's been itching (or should I say trying to itch) he can't reach his back very well.…


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Snap Pea Shells

Hey Everyone. At work we usually have raw vegie treats every day, it's the season for snap peas. We've been givin Archie the long shells that the peas are in. Then I thought about it, are they OK for him, and does someone have a list or a link for things we shouldn't feed them. Chocolate is obvious, but aside from that? THANKS KRISTIN

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Today is Archies 6th day with us, and everything couldn't be going any better. He's getting along great with my first pooch, Caleb, and has adjusted very well, especially being 1 1/2, and having such a big life change. My only concern is that he's so sensitive and mellow, that if my cats even look his way he runs and hides in a corner. He'll chase, FRAP, run and play with the dog, but is deathly afraid of the cats. none of them have done anything to him except try to sniff him from a distance,… Continue

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Last night Archie was just laying there on the living room floor taking a nap, the next thing I know, one of the cats walks by him and wakes him. He gets up, and starts FRAPPING all over the house, with the direction toward the cat. He'd run till he almost got to the cat, the he'd spin around at what seemed like 100 miles an hour run the other way to the kitchen, then come back and do it again.!!! It went on for probably 45 min, and it made me so happy to see him come out of his shell, it…


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Archie is finally at his new forever home. It was a 6 hr drive to get there, and a 6 hr drive home, but let me tell you, it was worth every milisecond. We're both pretty tired today, but he is the most mellow, sweet, & sensitive dog I think I've ever met. All he wants to do is cuddle and nudge your hand with his nose, if your not touching him. We got home last night at around 11:30pm, he checked out the backyard, went potty, and came inside. What amazed me, was he's never been around cats… Continue

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Tomorrows the big day!!!

I'm leaving tomorrow morning, to pick up Archie, my very first Corgi!! I'm soooo excited, I hope I can get some sleep. It's a 6 hour drive, and I'm not much of a road traveler. I'd fly 1/2 hr if it was logical, but I know it will be worth it once I get there. I was gonna wait a couple of more weeks, being it's 4th weekend, but the breeder doesn't have any plans tomorrow, so here I go. I figured going tomorrow I'd miss holiday traffic, and be able to have my little guy for the long holiday… Continue

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I've waited my whole life to finally be in a place where I could afford a corgi, and have a home with a yard big enough I feel to accomodate one. I found an awesome breeder, and the pups are due in 2 weeks....I have first pick and I'm soooo excited. So whats the problem??? i don't have any kids, I'm 29 years old and found out last week, I'm gonna have a human baby too!!! I'm due in late November. My question is will I have enough time and energy to give to my puppy, or do you think I should… Continue

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