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Felix and Jack - Day 3!

WOW!  What a difference a couple of days make!

Yesterday morning, Jack didn't want much to do with Felix.  Felix wanted to play so badly, but Jack would just growl when he got close and moved away from him.  After lunch, I went out to run a few errands (mainly getting more doggie supplies!).  When I returned, they were both really excited to see me, and all of Felix's jumping around suddenly inspired Jack to play!  They ran around together for several minutes - Jack LOVES…


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The Adventures of Felix and Jack - Day 2 in Corgiland

Today is our 2nd full day at home with Felix and Jack.  Jack seems to be getting a little more comfortable all the time, and we have had no fights in more than 24 hours - a really good sign!  We have continued feeding them in separate locations.  Jack had been refusing food, but FINALLY, he ate last night!  After some coaxing, he ate again this morning, but he still seems to wait until Felix finishes first.  Even though they are on opposite ends of the house, he can hear when Felix is eating…


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The Adventures of Felix and Jack - Introducing a new corgi to our home!

Hello Corgi land!  My name is Shelly Duell and I am a corgi parent.  My husband Trevor and I recently decided to add a second corgi to our pack.  Through this process, I have read hundreds of articles and tried my best to do the right things in bringing in a new member of the family.  There are so many differing opinions out there, that we have had to adjust to what we feel is best and learn through trial and error.  I have decided to start a blog about our journey so that others can give…


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