10 yr, female corgi needs forever home - no other dogs or children

Hi everyone - I haven't been on this site for a long time, however, I have a friend who needs to find a home for a 10 yr female corgi who hadn't adjusted to a new baby in the family.  This is sad, however, the corgi lived a live as the only companion to a woman for 5 yrs, then she married, and the corgi lost her position but was still a loved member of the pair, now a baby enters the world and the the corgi is 10yrs and has snapped (reason unknown) at the baby.  This sort of thing often happens to older dogs and it unfortunate for them.  If you or anyone you know would give Lady her loving forever home she deserves, please contact me at sandicannon@gmail.com or Sandra Cannon on FB.  Lady will come completely paid for to her airport destination!!  FYI:  the attachment of the dog did not come through.  

  • Sandra, this is Lady a beautiful 10-year old Corgi. She belonged to my daughter. Laurie helped me find her when she was 5 weeks old. She is lovely, and well trained. She lived with Liz for 5 year with no other animals around nor many people. She does not do well with other dogs for the most part. At 5 years of age Liz met Ross who she married. Lady went from being a person to a dog...still well loved. She did well with LIzzies first child who will be 2 in February. Then baby 2 came along..she is 16 months. We have all been worried that Lady might snap at a baby if they got to close to her etc. My son was at their home about 3 months ago..Lady nipped the hand of his Sophie 1 1/2 years old. Did not break the skin but was a wakeup call for my Liz. I have done a couple of Corgi rescues for Kathy Duvall who has (on FB) Faerieland Corgi and German Shepherd Rescue. She took Lady and still has her. She is on the edge of Minneapolis. It has been heartbreaking for all of us...but for my Liz..like giving up a child. Lady has taken my daughter through the stress of law school and the death of her beloved step sister 36 hours before her wedding. I see Lady as being a fabulous dog for a couple..single person, etc. Would you by any chance know of anyone who would love to have her? I would arrange through Kathy to have her flown out there if so. It is just a thought..


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Comment by Becky Focht on December 5, 2013 at 8:51am

Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.  What a terrible decision to make and I can tell it was not made easily or lightly.  Please keep us updated on her placement.  I know there must be someone out there with room in their hearts for her.

Comment by Linda on December 4, 2013 at 10:51pm

I am so sorry to here this.  It's hard sometimes for them to adjust especially an older dog to babies.  Our Arnie came to us that way but from his reaction to kids I think the toddler was allowed to be mean to him, they never taught the child how to be kind to animals.  We had no litle ones but I would have to crate him whenever any came to our house, I could not trust him at all.

My heart breaks for Liz...I can only imgaine how hard it is for her.  I wish I could help but we have 2 senior corgis and 3 cats.  Prayers that she is able to find a perfect home for Lady.

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