dog eye problem - wahh gotta wait until tomorrow for VET!

i think my dog has conjunctivitis .. hes getting white pus coming out of the inner eye =(

poor thing, too bad the doctor closed about an hour ago, sigh. i gotta wait 12 hours before i can call the vet and take him in for a check up.

hrm, he has conjunctivities. doctor gave him some bacitrin/neomycin/polymyxic + hydrocortisone opthalmic oinyment - its better already!

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Comment by Cindi on July 10, 2008 at 9:55am
Yep...sounds like allergies. Conjunctivitis = pink eye. So if the eyes were very red, itchy, swollen and your pup was rubbing them like crazy. Probably pink eye. But since you're dealing with the eye gunk, probably allergies. A couple of our pups have it, too. (Not uncommon in LA {lower alabama}. Good luck. I'm sure all will be well.
Comment by Steve on July 10, 2008 at 1:00am
Hopefully nothing serious! Steve had the same thing last month - it was mostly white eye bugger but it was greenish at times too. Washing it out with saline solution helped but I probably used 1/4 of a bottle trying to get just 1drop in his eye. I finally took Steve to the vet and was told what I thought all along - allergies. We were given some eye drops and it did wonders after couple days. Good luck with Kaijuu and I hope all is OK with this eye.

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