So Remy has been doing really well with his potty training, walking, getting to know his surroundings, & everything, but one thing he has a problem with is the excessive nipping & biting. He's a little 12-week old puppy so of course he's going to be teething & wanting to chew on everything. I can sympathize for the poor little boy. ): I've been trying to use a suggested method of saying "OW!" in a high-pitched tone just like a dog & ignoring him until he's calm. It's been working pretty good so far. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

I'm a little worried about him, though. We got little Remy from a "breeder" in Missouri. I looked up about the place we got him from, which will remain nameless, & there were posts in forums about the place being a puppy mill. I started crying immediately & felt so bad. I had to stick with it, though. I wanted to save him from that place, if it was even true. It seemed a little fishy too.. I only paid $550 altogether for Remy and shipping costs. Little Remy is going to the vet very soon to make sure he's okay. In NO way do I want to support puppy mills because I think they're awful, but I would have never been able to sleep at night knowing what might have happened to him. ): I'm just wishing & praying that everything is okay with him. He's been eating, sleeping, playing, & everything just like a normal puppy but I want to be safe.

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Comment by Reese on October 5, 2008 at 10:57am
Sounds like you're doing a good job on training him. Biting comes with all puppies... Reese still mouths and she's a little over 4 months. We used a plastic container with pennies in it and shook the container near her whenever she was doing something she wasn't suppose to and say NO!. The loud noise would scare her and she would stop. Quickly learned that the noise only happens when we said NO! and has been pretty good now. All we need to do is just show her the container and she stops... hehe. Also, we give her Bully Sticks... she loves chewing on that so she hasn't chewed on any of our furniture. *Knock on Wood* Make sure you're consistent with him... it doesn't do anything when I say Ouch! If you try the container method make sure it's near you at all times... even if your outside with him. Good Luck!
Comment by Lou Ann Lemaster on October 5, 2008 at 9:19am
Sounds like you are doing the proper training for the mouthing. Wait until the herding instinct kicks in! It'll start younger than you think. I had a little squirt bottle for when Duncan would start nipping at our feet to make us move along and would squirt him and tell him NO. It only took a couple of squirts for him to stop that. He will still trying to "push' us along with bumping the back of our legs with his nose or shoulder, but he doesn't bite our legs or heels.

When Duncan was about 12 weeks old, my husband was on the floor on his elbows and knees playing with him, and he was barking, running around him nipping at his feet trying to get him to move. Well, he ran up to my husband's face, barking and my husband put his face down on the floor while Duncan was licking around his face...when Duncan bit into his ear!!! I imagine, trying to get him to move and manage to bite right into the thinnest part of his upper ear. When I cleaned it up and looked at it, I told me husband if he wanted an earring in his ear, now was a good time to put it in. Duncan managed to bite through that area with his sharp teeth. Needless to say, my husband never did that again. I thought for sure he would say get rid of him, cause my husband never had a dog before. I told him that Duncan was doing what was naturally to him, a stubborn cow puts their head down, they will bit the ear.

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