This past weekend my husband and I took Gibson to a forest preserve to do some hiking! He absolutely loved it, he's definitely an outdoors pup :) He loved going down this hill to see the river. He got so excited and started frapping all over the place. I would've let him go in, but I forgot to bring a towel and we brought the car w/leather seats, whoops! I think his FAVORITE part of the whole thing though, was meeting random people. I swear, he just loves meeting anyone new and having them tell him how cute he is. Little boys are his favorite, I think because my breeder had 3 sons. So, all in all, the hike went great and it caused him to lounge around the whole day on Sunday, yay! It's so true that a good puppy is a tired puppy.

Speaking of lounging.. He is turning into such a little cuddler! I was worried when we first got him, because he did not want to be near us when was laying down or trying to sleep, but in the past week he's taken naps on my lap and between me and my husband when we're watching tv at night. We even snuggled w/him in bed one night and he just lovvved it. It was tempting to let him sleep w/us in there, but I'm just not sure I want a dog sleeping w/us all the time. I used to not be able to sleep when my cat slept in my bed because I thought he's suffocate under my covers or I'd roll over and smash him haha. I don't know, we shall see..

We also started going a new way on our walks this past week, and I hit the jackpot for him :) There is one stretch of road where there are always about 6 or 7 little girls playing outside and they always come out and give him lots of love.. AND they own a little dachshund to plays w/him too! He just loves it and doesn't want to leave. I'm glad he's a friendly pup!

Oh yeah, I mentioned that he slept all day Sunday... well, that kind of backfired, because Monday he was an absolute terror!! And of course, that was obedience class night. He was just awful. He would not listen, he kept jumping on us and crying, and he would not poop for me in the 2 hours before class, so he had to go during class..sheesh. At least he didn't have to go IN class, but I had to leave and take him out during it. He just was not in the mood...but I will say, he did very well at actually walking on my left side the entire time :) This week we continued working on leash training, heel, and sit... and we taught them to stay and to walk around objects with us. He's done very well so far on our practices, so we'll see if he behaves in class next week.

One last thought before I stop.. I believe he is *knock on wood* completely housebroken! It's been 3 weeks since any kind of accident or attempt at going inside. He holds everything much longer and I don't have to take him out nearly as often. He's just been wonderful w/it. Now, if he just stopped chewing everything, I could think about maybe crating him less often!!

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Comment by Kelly on October 10, 2008 at 5:54pm
I'm sure treats get the job done faster! Gibson will sit and stay much better when we have treats in front of him. But I think praising is good in the long run, so they do not expect treats for every good thing that they do :)
Comment by Alla on October 9, 2008 at 8:30pm
this is so sweet! I positively think our teacher is way over the top with treats!
Comment by Kelly on October 9, 2008 at 2:49pm
Yes, we just praise him like crazy! I get down on my knees, pick him up, give him tons of kisses and tell him what a good boy he is when he finishes a difficult excercise. And while we're doing walking excercies, I say good boy! in a super excited voice and he'll always look up at me and smile :)
Comment by Alla on October 9, 2008 at 2:30pm
Way to go, Gibson!
Charlie is very friendly with strangers too, and sometimes it's a little bit embarrassing. Not all people want to greet him. So, I make him sit when people are passing.

Hey, Kelly, I am very interested to know how they teach to obey commands in your class, if you do not use treats? Just by praising him?

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