AKC Louisville Cluster Agility Trial

Well, Dally's AKC agility debut was a BIG success!!! Out of the four day trial, we entered only Saturday (NOV A STD and NOV A JWW) and Sunday (NOV A STD). Out of the three classes, we earned 3 Qs (Qualifying scores, or "legs" of a title) and 3 first places in the 8 inches!!

Even though we were a little slow with our times (but we still managed to stay in the allotted time), we won our rounds with precision. (My mom says she isn't slow, but deliberate...with her strides to the jumps, and sticking close to where I am.) We only had one fault in each of our Standard runs, and those were my fault. On Saturday, as we ran towards the table for our sit-stay, I told her "table" but didn't say "sit!" fast enough, so she jumped onto the table and then off on the other side. I brought her back around to the front of the table and got her back on for a quick sit. But, she nailed her weave poles and the A-frame and teeter totter (which, if you read our previous posts, we were struggling with them a little) We finished in good time, and a score of 95. In the Jumpers With Weaves, Dally decided she didn't need to hurry through the jumps, but did a good jump with her weaves. We were clean, but a second over the time so we ended with a score of 99.

On Sunday, we only entered the Standard because at the time of entry, I wasn't really sure how she would do. But after Saturday, I was kicking myself because of how well we did. So, with our one and only shot in the Standard, Dally was more amped up. We ran a great course that was a little more difficult than the previous day. Our only flub came, once again, at the table, where this time I was too quick saying "Sit!" at the table. As she came to the table, I said "Table! Sit!", which caused her to pause for a quick moment before jumping up. The judge called that as a refusal, but then she took forever to sit because she felt she needed to sniff around on the table to find the perfect place for her "Badonkadonk." We finished the course without any more mistakes and in good time for our third Q and first place of the weekend!

We are now one leg away from our Nov A STD title, and two legs from our Nov A JWW title. I'm not exactly sure how soon our next trial will be. We'll definitely be entered in one near my parents' place in June, but there are a couple of other trials before then, so we'll just see. But we're already on the right track for a great agility career!

I was able to have all three of my runs taped with a friend's DVD camcorder, so as soon as I figure out how to get them on my couple and on here, I'll share them with you! (Any tips on how I can do that, please let me know.)

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Comment by Carol Braitman on March 17, 2008 at 8:54pm
Super Congrats Megan and Dally!!! My friend Carol, who has corgis, horses, and pugs, was there with her pugs this weekend. Her dog did really well also. Hopefully we'll meet in June!!
Comment by Tracie & Emmy on March 17, 2008 at 8:54pm
Congrats! That darn table! We have not made it to any trials yet, but Emmy loves to run off the other side of the table too. Sounds like to had a few great runs - you should be very proud! :-)

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