Well, today is a big day. Today we have officially become involved in the rescue group from whom we got Ren.

We picked up a rescue corgi from a gentleman who had flown him from Albuquerque to Las Cruces. His name is Fred and he will be staying with us for a while. The gentleman who flew him down expressed some intrest in adopting him. Hopefully things will work out. Until then, he will be residing with our pack.

He is a nice, older corgi gentelmen who seems to be quite well mannered. He gets along well with the rest of our pack and with our cats. It was stated that he had a problem with peeing in the house, but we haven't seen that yet. We're keeping an eye on him. He does seem to get a bit anxious from time to time, but that is to be expected in a new place with a new pack. I spent some time brushing him and he was grateful. He doesn't mind being handled. One can manipulate all of his feet and touch his flanks, tail, and ears. (I always check to see if one can touch a dog's flanks. I don't know how common it is, but, many of our dogs at work intensely dislike having their flanks touched.)

We were also told that he was on prednisone for an ear infection. It seems a bit odd to me that prednisone was used. The only thing I can think of is perhaps to combat swelling. We have an apointment with a vet next week to get him set health wise.

I must say, I'm somewhat nervous. I'm afraid I get attached to our critters. I'm worried that I'll get attached to Fred as well. Hopefully, things will work out for the best.

Well, I'm off for now. I have to see what is being barked at, then start getting ready for work.


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Comment by Jane Christensen on May 22, 2010 at 7:41pm
Good for Fred! Rescues are a great way to share your love and help other corgis out! Can you get too attached...yes....I have kept some of mine so now I have to talk to myself and remind me that I am doing this to help out the dog! I have found with my 7-8 rescues I have had that they have all been very grateful and it's so fun to watch their personalities emerge! Have a wonderful time and enjoy all the new 1st with Fred. Thanks for what you are doing!
Comment by Monica, Orion, and Laika on May 22, 2010 at 6:25pm
Yay! Being part of a rescue group is so rewarding. I rescue kittens and special needs cats and keep them until they're healthy and socialized enough to get spayed/neutered, then they get adopted. I've had to rehabilitate a lot of kitties and its hard to let them go after spending so much time loving them and being loved by them but its such a good feeling when you know they're going to a good family where they'll be happy. I hope Fred does very well and finds a fantastic forever home! Good luck :)

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