a sad story with sort of a happy ending

as most of you know, i got ravioli about 2 weeks ago. at first i had some of the usual puppy-in-a-new-environment problems, but after a few days he was doing really well. i taught him how to walk on a leash and he learned his name and everything. the first 2 days i had him at my boyfriend's apartment, then i moved him to mine where i live with my roommate. this is where it gets sad.. =( not long after i brought him to my apartment, my roommate started complaining about her throat itching and her nose being stuffy. to make a long story short, it turns out she is allergic to dogs =( the whole reason i got a dog is because i knew she was allergic to cats. when i asked her if she was allergic to dogs, she said "no i grew up with a dog!" she told me this week that her childhood dog was a poodle.... those are hypoallergenic if you guys didn't know... i was torn up. i asked her if she could try to stick it out for me and for ravioli, and she did for a while, but she eventually got fed up. she started to resent ravioli and wouldn't treat him as kindly as he deserved (not physical abuse, but she would say mean things to him). she didn't want me to keep him anymore.. =( i had to give ravioli up.. i cried and cried and cried. ravioli is the sweetest dog i've ever met. he wasn't like average corgi puppies, he was really chill and was literally like a stuffed animal. he would let me pick him up and manhandle him and cuddle with him and he wouldn't squirm or bark or growl or try to get away. he was a big cuddly sweetheart and i didn't want to give him up after having him for such a short time, i had already fallen in love with him! but i had to because ravioli didn't deserve the verbal abuse he was getting from my roommate and she couldn't live with a dog that made her sick. it was a really tough decision but i had to do what was best for ravi. i tried contacting my breeder multiple times but she never got back to me. many many people offered to take him for me, but i didn't just want to give him to anyone, i wanted to give him to someone that would love him forever and be able to provide for him and give him the training and life he needed and deserved. i ultimately decided to give him to my friend's grandma. her dog just recently died and had been feeling a little blue since her dog's passing. she has a house and a big yard for him to play in, and she's 65 so she's still very active and would be able to provide him with the exercise he needed. i gave him to my friend yesterday and she brought him to her grandma's. last night she sent me pictures of him and his new home and i cried =( but he looked really happy running around in the grass. my friend thanked me last night because she said she knows it's exactly what her grandma needed. she said that ravioli instantly took to her grandma and had already started following her around. it was a terribly sad and difficult thing for me to do, to give him up, but i do feel some consolation knowing that he is bringing smiles to someone else's face. my friend said she hadn't seen her grandma this happy since her last dog died. the good thing is that she lives close so i can still see ravioli if i want to. i can't describe the sadness i feel for having to give up my little fluff ball not long after getting him, but i'm sure some of you have experienced this sort of sadness of having to give a furry friend up. i guess i will just have to wait a few more years until i can get my perfect little corgi and give him a forever home =( here are the last few pictures i took of him before my friend came to pick him up

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Comment by Jane on May 2, 2012 at 1:14pm

Okay I don't want to sound mean, but if you signed a contract with the breeder to return him to her if anything happened, that is a legally binding agreement. She could take you to court to get him back, and then you could end up having to pay her for legal fees too, not to mention you will lose the dog. Waiting a week for a reply isn't really giving a breeder much of a chance to respond, and IMO it's very irresponsible to rehome a dog so quickly without her permission. Sorry just my two cents.

Comment by Kaitlyn & Chase on May 2, 2012 at 12:31pm

awh! This is so sad. I'm sorry you had to give Ravioli up. But you're right at least he is close by and in a good home. Our landlord recently told us that we would have to give up two of our animals (my parents have 2 Yorkies and my fiance and I have our Corgi, Chase). We decided instead of giving up any of our family members we would just move. At the end of this month we are moving from Pennsylvania to Florida. Big move!
We have had to give up our pets in the past and it was so painful we vowed never to do it again. It is hard but it will get better!!

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