So Rhun went into the vet for his annual check up and vaccination. Which mean we have had our little boy for a year now. man does time go by so fast. We have been through so much yet it still seems like we just got him. It hasn't been an easy year either, we have gone through his neuter where he was a very slow heeler we as we found out there was no complications but it too a while for the skin to heel enough for him to start going back to regular activities. Then we found out he had bad hips ( on a good note vet checked them out and they seem to have improved greatly, he can resume all activities just limit his jumping but that’s a given for any corgi back any ways). Then he came down with a throat infection. then the corgi's got flees from their first trip the groomers. Then my sisters dogs gave him oral warts YUK!!!! Reality hit me last night that we never got to experience and enjoy the puppy stage with Rhun like we did with Adora, but he sure does make up for it. Being as cute and silly he is, he is adamant that he may be our little big boy of 27 lb but he can still be a cute, adorable and silly as a 2 month old pup. He is also definitely holding on to that puppy pout and using it as often and he sees fit. Yet at the same time being the Alpha of all the dogs in my very large family. Which is nice considering he is the second calmest and second best behaved dog in the entirety of my very large family. The first be at his prime and to lazy to give a hoot about anything other than sleep and food and who gives him food. Rhun has given me everything Adora my more indepandant corgi hasn't and Vise Versa. What amazing life i will have with my two corgi's that make up for everything in life. No matter how much money i have and will spent, no matter how much time i have and will spend with them it will never be enough. I will never have enough of Rhun's smiles, pouts, silly faces, kisses, cuddles or entertainment. He will be my puppy for life even in his prime year not just a dog. So glad i took the risk and got a second corgi and an opposite personality corgi, it completed everything.

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Comment by Bev Levy on July 19, 2011 at 6:01pm
I know what you mean, Sparty at 12 will be my puppy for life. Happy first year, 2 corgis are more than twice the fun!
Comment by Jane Christensen on July 19, 2011 at 4:23pm
So glad...enjoy your little guy and may he never grow up:)

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