Man, it has been forever since I posted an update on Dally's agility!! Sorry I've been such a slacker lately, but life has been crazy busy for me, and I haven't been on in a long time.

Dally and I have been consistantly competing at agility trials at least once a month, mostly AKC. She has earned her Open Standard title, and is one leg away from earning her Open Jumpers title. We've competed in Excellent Standard A at a couple of trials now, and find that the courses aren't any difficult than what we do in practice, and even some Open courses! We just have little issues, like being a "Corgi" and giving me the paw on the table (refusing to down, or even look at me, which really riles me up).

Anyone that's been talking to me about agility knows I've been frustrated with Dally's speed--or, rather, lack thereof. Well, this past weekend, at an AKC trial in Grove City, Ohio, she showed me she has some rockets between her bum!!! She blasted out of the tunnel in Jumpers and left me saying "Holy Jesus!" outloud (and got laughter from the judge and crowd). THe only bobble we made was in the weave poles when she popped out because I slowed down her pace (I was afraid she'd lose rhythm and miss one...boy was I wrong--me slowing her down broke her rhythm--darn). Then she also knocked down the double jump when I about lost my footing making a sharp turn at our new speed.

So, now I have to learn how to run with a fast dog, instead of how to make my slow dog fast! I just hope her speed is consistant, and she doesn't throw a slow day on me. For now, I'll have to figure out how to be ready for everything.

Our next trial is outside of Nashville, Tenn., at the end of February. Hopefully I can get in some more practice (we only practiced once in 4 weeks leading up to this weekend) and be ready for a big trial.

Megan &
Frontiers Honkytonkbadonkadonk NAJ, OA, CLTR-1 ("Dally")

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