A couple weeks ago i decided to take my two in for grooming to get all nice and cleans before winter, the full load done, ears cleaned, nails clipped and bathed. Since i usually do it myself i called around to the place that where recommended to get quotes on how much each places charges, and to figure out there packages. The first one i called, when i said they where corgi's the lady on the other end shrieked in goi "CORGI'S REALLY!" well we ended up picking that place because they where the closest and priced well. So at noon we brought in the two and we greeted with excitement over our two corgi's, to my amazement one of the people that work there has a sable boy. The girl that greeted us and had us fill out the paper work than took them into the back where we hear more shrieks of joy, me and my boyfriend couldn't help but smile and laugh, we continued to look around in the shop area, when we heard "Paul the corgi is here, there in the daycare room" so the lady that help us pick up our two one by one and held them in front of the window to show the lady that had the corgi and both people in the room got all excited. We even saw paul the sable male walking around the daycare with all the big dogs, he was so cute (of course). It's kind of reassuring going to a place that knows corgi's and enjoys them, i know they are going to have fun while they are there even though rhun hates getting washed and adora hates being brushed. I have never been at home while my corgi's are not around, it is so strange, lonely and depressing without their smiley little faces and personality's around. So much so i borrowed my dads dog (who i walk in the afternoons) for some company but it just isn't the same. I don't think i will ever be able to not have a corgi around in the future.

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