And then there were 3 - CORGIS! Now an Excellent adventure!

OK, its been 72 hours since the "rescue"...if you read my first blog, I took them to my vet and they were unbelieveabley fine, only hookworms for Jack, no Lymes, heartworm etc.  Whew breathed a sigh of relief...


My 10 year old DM Emma has gotten closer to them, they have touched noses.  My lab and setter are "so what ever" about them! LOL  I think eventually the rescues will feel more at home and make friends with Emma, they are still kind of scared of her, for what ever reason.  Maybe cause she can't walk and "seal walks" to them?


So here is the "excellent adventure" of newly rescued Jack & Katie....this late afternoon I went down to the garden  to water and then spray Round-up on the weeds in the paths...the newbees came out and Emma was on the porch.  I let the lab out thru the garage to get "treats from dad up at his barn after work" as I am down in the garden  maybe 20 minutes, came up expecting to see the 2 corgis at their door...hmmm, weren't there....came in the house and called, no corgis except Emma on the porch...then I noticed the door to the garage was a jar...OMG, they got out.....freak out!  They don't know where they are at yet, a major highway is less than a mile...OMG!


I call my hubby who is up at the other barn, he tells me to calm down (I thought I was under control:(~   he will help look....I call and call and then my one horse who is kept in his own pasture (fat control) was  looking out front...sure enough, there was Jack and Katie running along the far pasture fence!  Thank you Harley!  I ran out, over the fence (mind you I have RA and over fences is not easy...) and finally Jack came to how to get him over the fence....I shoved him under and Katie followed, Jack went back under but Katie headed for the house and Jack followed until I could catch him and carry him....YIKES, my joints will be hurting tomorrow but they are safe and sound again until they know their home!  I was really scared they were gone...


Katies sores are healing well, more lazer tomorrow....Jack is a lover and wants to be around you at all times...he is rather cute with his full tail (although I still prefer it docked, just for the tradional look)  I am so glad I did this, what would have happened to them in red-neck city VA humane society I don't want to think about!  Now to get Emma up to speed with this and all will be perfect!  And of course my sons 10 month old choc lab who doesn't seem to get it when doggies say NO!  A circus around here at most least the horses are easy:)


Kiss your corgi(s) and love them all, they are soooo special and I am enjoying the days I have with my Emma as DM is taking over...that sucks...but she will be taken care of with love!


Our best, Nancy Emma Jack & Katie



Love from:  Nancy, Emma, Jack & Katie       CORGIS RULE:)

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Comment by Teresa Gilpin on May 12, 2011 at 4:20pm
Sounds like an excellent adventure.  Glad it all came out okay though!  (Sorry for your knees).
Comment by Cindi & Twinkie on May 12, 2011 at 5:39am
That is a big adventure on the farm for the new guys.  Yours sounds like a wonderful home!
Comment by Beth Walker on May 12, 2011 at 2:36am

So glad to hear Katie and Jack have found such a great home with someone willing to take on 2 rescues with issues, and glad to hear everyone is getting along. So sorry to hear about Emma and her DM, I have had 2 corgi's with DM and I know how hard and sad it is to see your best friend go thru this horrible disease. Best of luck with them all.

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