Caesar is into designer glasses... and I am going nuts!

Ok so I am not the kind of person who gets hung up on labels for the most part. But like every woman here and there I allow a quick splurge. My label items can be itemized in three (and two of those are not even REAL labels)

1 pair of channel glasses with special anti-glare lenses that I used for work all the time because my eyes never get tired of the screen with them

1 pair of Armani Exchanges sunglasses which are to die for and that I love so much.

1 pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses that come into a close second to my Armani

Caesar has decided he LOVES labels. I was taking a nap and woke up to *chomp chomp chom* very familiar sound. I went to grab the Chanels and noticed they were no longer on the night stand. When I went to check out on Caesar, there they were... my favorite pair of glasses torn to pieces as Caesar frapped out of the room (he so knew he was doing something wrong). I wanted to kill him but took some deep breath, thought "it's a puppy" and tried not to think on how much they cost me to be just as I wanted them to be.

As the day goes by I am watching some TV and next thing I know Caesar is trying to get between the glass top and the table to... yeah you bet, steal my Armani Exchange. Now did he want to 10 bucks sunglasses seating next to it? Of course not! He wants the top notch (I wonder if they taste better). What came up next was a huge training session in which I put my glasses on the floor and as he came close he'd get a loud "LEAVE IT!" Bad part... he's afraid of glasses now. Good part, I think I saved my other two favorite pairs... and they will now be forever locked up!

Phew! What a day...

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Comment by GoGoRainbow on March 3, 2009 at 12:11am
yes, I have had to do that same training with cat poop buried in the yard =P only moderately successful...

The designer ones probably taste most like you since you wear them more!

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