So Sadie loved her Birthday Cake. She basically never gets "people food" sometimes I will giver her a bite of apple or carrot or something, but that is on rare occasion (she is small so I am afraid she will get overweight really easy). I was scared to just let her gobble the whole thing up, so I let her eat about 1/4 of it and then put it up and was just gonna give her chunks throughout the day. It was sitting on the counter and she just sat right there and wined because she wanted more! Anyway, I used a dog recipe that I got on the internet ( Peanut Butter Delight I only cooked it 30 min in my small pans. It made enough for 2 of the small pans that I had, so I tried some, I thought it would taste like carrot cake, but it didn't, not very sweet at all, so I feel like it was good for a dog. I put up some pictures. She wasn't too crazy about being up on the table!

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Comment by Jennifer on March 2, 2009 at 2:26pm
I bake all my own doggy treats and cakes. Harry is a smaller corgi at 22lbs but he is lean and's hard with corgi's since they love food! We have an online "barkery"to sell treats so that is why most of Harry's are home made. . If you use all natural ingredients they are healthy for your pet in moderation. Most homemade treats and snacks are much better than treats like milky bones, snausages, etc. Those are just full of crappy ingredients. If you ever need some recipes let me know...we are happy to share!

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