I just dropped off the baby to get spayed. She's almost 10 months old...I waited too long...bad me. She weighs 20.7 pounds. Nutty who is almost 1 yr 10 months old weighs 28.7 pounds. Yikes! Looks like I may be switching to a less calorie dog food. They get plenty of excercise, and Nutty doesn't look thick. Cinny had no idea what she was in for, and went lovingly with the vet down the hall. She will hate me now, just like Nutty did. I hope they dont put that damn cone on her, cuz she's not wearing it at my house. I have Nutty's donut for her to wear. I will be a nervous wreck all day....

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Comment by Judi, Dawn, Soffie & Griffyn on July 7, 2010 at 10:03am
Soffie never took a second look at her incision / stitches. Griffyn, on the other hand, pulled his out as soon as he woke up at the vets, and they had to re-do them!! LOL... the cone they put on him was 3 times his size!!! We immediately went out and bought the blue donut! We'll be watching for an update!

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