I know... I haven't posted in a good while. But yesterday something pretty interesting happened with Caesar. We took all three dogs (two terriers and Caesar) to the dog park. There was a kid there with a remote control car. One of the terriers and Caesar went BALLISTIC over the toy. Maybe it was the herding instinct kicking in - I'm not sure. But we left them off leash and they chased the remote car for about half an hour. The cutest part was when the car went towards him and he jumped at the right time. Corgi up, car ran under, and off he went after that thing again.

After all that chase I called him up and he was so exhausted that he actually came and *gasp!* laid down in front of me so I could put him on a lead and take him home. He was pretty much done for the night. It made me think that it would be a GREAT investment to get one of those remote controlled cars. It would be a great way to exercise him. Eddie (the terrier) also had a ball... we think Caesar thought it was a sheep while Eddie thought it was a rabbit - LOL. They had a blast.

Oh and for those who are wondering they did not bite on the toy... they were much more interested in chasing it - so it would be a worthwhile investment since they would not chew and destroy it. You should try!

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Comment by Carmen on February 8, 2009 at 4:30pm
My two destroyed the remote truck we got. Pandora hated it so much that she pulled a back wheel off. We weren't letting them tear it apart. She just grabbed the wheel as it went by. Oh well, another 20 dollars down the drain. Gotta love them.

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