Well, we haven't had to worry about a corgi with cuts of any kind for at least 4 years! Lucky has been crippled, and when we rescued Sonny a year ago, he just kinda stayed under the desk for a couple of months and then right with us. Well...he discovered the large rocks on the South side of the front yard a couple months ago and likes to climb them, and he climbs around all over the place now. Today we discover blood on his neck, doessn't appear to be a puncture wound or to have come from his collar. I don't really find a cut, but this afternoon there now appears to be a bump - pus starting to form? Wonderful, it's a holiday weekend. We first thought he got into the cactus, but no pricklies. So my question is, what can I put on it? I am thinking dillute hydrogen pyrioxide is ok, but anything else? I am out of practice! Thanks!

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Comment by RILEY, MAGGIE and Christine Kemp on August 21, 2010 at 1:58pm
Carol...I'm sure you are aware of the foxtail gras and the cheatgrass we have in abundance here in central oregon...could he have gotten into some of either grass? These grasses are nasty fellows and can really be harmful to our pups. Also, I have a product,(bought at FM) Betedene that is a good product for infections. I have used it on both dogs and cats. Not sure of the spelling, comes in a small yellow plastic bottle.
Comment by Brittany Nelson on July 5, 2010 at 4:59pm
Hydrogen peroxide is really good!! Make sure to wash it and make sure it stays clean!!
Comment by Jane Christensen on July 4, 2010 at 6:06pm
Hydrogen peroxide undiluted is fine. It's only 3% not the strong stuff we used to be able to get. I think what i did with Bella (I had called the vet to ok) was to wash with a mild soap,then use the peroxide and then put triple antibiotic cream on. I would at least wash and put the peroxide on. If you find a scab also put the cream on it. Watch the size of the bump so if you have to call the vet in the am you can tell them if it's gotten larger! Good Luck!

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