So I've had puppy for 5 days now, he still has no name. Today my favorites are: Crash, Dyson, Ditto, or Kirby. Crash because he is clumsy as all get out, Ditto because he mimics Franklin's every move, Dyson or Kirby because he is a little corgi vacuum and his future shedding will likely keep one or both of those companies in business. 

He has been SUCH a good boy so far! He does chew/shred stuff if not being watched. The other day I was studying in the living room and he was on the floor and I look over and he is shredding the underside of a big chair I have. I have my living roomed scattered with toys to keep him busy but I guess this looked like the most fun. He has continued to be reliably potty trained, waking me up at around 4:30-5:30 every morning because he can't hold it anymore. Once I open his pen he runs out and goes potty, I go back to bed and leave his pen open, and he goes back in his crate and goes back to sleep. Last night I had the bright idea of once he was asleep just opening the pen so he didn't have to wake me up and he could let himself out. That would have worked but Franklin woke up at about 3:30 puking up a chicken bone he ate at some point. I think my plan would have worked though! Lol. He still has HORRIBLE diarrhea and is going to the vet tomorrow for a check-up. We did a fecal yesterday and it was negative. I told the rescue he had bad diarrhea and she said stress, I told her again today he still has bad diarrhea and only now is she telling me they have giardia a lot with their rescues. Good to know!I Would have brought him in a lot sooner knowing that! I was just thinking its stress and will go away with time. Also he has started coughing a bit today. I come to find (via the rescue's facebook page) that they had a kennel cough dog there too. His cough sounds like kennel cough but its very mild today. We will see if the vet can illicit a cough in his exam tomorrow. Funny that the rescue said the reason they pulled him was so he wouldn't get exposed to any diseases then they send him home with kennel cough and possibly giardia! 


About his personality: So he is very similar to Truck in personality. I somehow seem to find the scared/potentially mishandled dogs. He was going to chase the cat the other day and went by me and I grabbed his collar to stop him and boy did he scream bloody murder like I had beat him or something. He also proceeded to pee all over and continue to scream until I let him go. I have since grabbed his collar one other time and again he screamed, so now we have a lot of collar holding, fondling, etc. He also is scared of people and will cower to the ground when they pet him and pee. He will have lots of trips to busy parks to look forward to in his future. He is young enough that I think I can easily work this out of him with lots of exposure to friendly people. He's super smart too so I'm sure he will learn quickly. He and Franklin have been playing A LOT. Its so cute! Yesterday while I was studying they wrestled for a full half hour. Every morning they run up and down the hall like maniacs and at night they have a nice long tug session. He is just at the perfect age for training and yet old enough not to be a TOTALLY destructive puppy. I have taught him sit, am working on teaching him not to bolt out the front door (had another near escape today, which was the reason for the 2nd collar grab), he is learning to sit and stay for his meals, and learning not to jump on people. I am pretty sure he already knew some of these commands but is just rusty because he picks up on them VERY quickly. He is also super easy to train because since he is scared/submissive all I need to do is tell him No one time and he never does it again (a lot like Truck in that way). Franklin on the other hand was SOOOO hard to train bc he never connected his behavior at the time to the word no lol. Took him about 8 months to put the two together! Lol. 

I can't wait to see how old the vet thinks he is and can't wait to see the doggie he develops into. He is a real find and I'm so lucky things turned out the way they did! My computer isn't reading my SD card right now for some reason so I will upload a few pictures later. 

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Comment by Lucy & Ricky (Wendy/Jack ) on April 26, 2012 at 2:41pm

Ricky/Rafa tested positive for giardia. it wasn't difficult to cure but it is highly contagious, as i'm sure you know. I had to keep R/R separate from Lucy. A breeder friend of mine recommended Tylan (comes in powder form) for normal diarrhea, ie not caused by a parasite, virus, etc.

How are things going with Kirby? Franklin?

Comment by Ludi on March 8, 2012 at 4:15pm

Kirby is a great name! Congratulations. :)

Comment by Sam, Gregg & Poopdeck on March 8, 2012 at 4:06pm

I didn't know you were in the market for an addition to the family.  Congrats, it sounds like Kirby is lucky to have found a loving and understanding forever family.  It also seems as if Franklin is not feeling "dethroned", which is great.

Comment by Chris, Kadi & Brodie on March 8, 2012 at 3:40pm

I like Kirby! That's a great name! :D

Comment by Yuki & Ellie on March 8, 2012 at 2:49pm

Don't forget that Kirby is also a round, marshmallow-like character that eats everything in sight.  ;)  Sounds just about right for a corgi!

Comment by Melissa and Franklin! on March 8, 2012 at 2:01pm

Well his name his now Kirby. I let my mom pick his name and that is what she picked. It fits his personality well too. I did a name analyzer and here is what it said for Kirby: "passive, easy-going, friendly nature. Lack of confidence and too easily influenced"


Comment by Cindi & Twinkie on March 8, 2012 at 1:38pm

It sounds like he is wonderful addition to your little family!  I love all of the names you have listed.  My daughter's name is Kirby and have known dogs named Dyson and Ditto.  We also had a dog named Hoover!  He was named after the president of the Deltas in Animal House.  He was a wonderful dog except he didn't like to eat the kids' flung foods when they were little ;)

Comment by Jane on March 8, 2012 at 10:54am

He looks like a Guiness to me, don't ask me why!

Comment by Ellen Andersen on March 8, 2012 at 6:47am

Sounds like things are progressing nicely!

Comment by Yuki & Ellie on March 8, 2012 at 6:46am

Yuki went unnamed for two weeks, so I know how weird it is to have a pet in your home that you can't really call.  :)  Hopefully a name will start to stick before too much longer.  As for the rescue, it's really a shame that they weren't more forthcoming about the kennel cough or the giardia.  They, of all people, should know the importance of disclosure.  I can see forgetting to mention it on the day you brought him home, but since you actually spoke to them again about it I find it a bit weird.  With any luck, though, the Vet will be able to diagnose what's going on and things will get cleared up.

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