Name? Rowdy

Age? 2 1/2 months

Breed? Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Fur Colour? Brown, red, and white... don't know if he'll be sable or not yet

Fur texture? because he's so young, super fluffy undercoat

Eye Colour? dark brown, almost black

Size? 10 pounds! (he sat on the scale today)

Sex? little man



Where did you get him/her? A breeder in Sacramento

Runt of the litter? Nope, the only red one though, all brothers and sisters were tri's. Saw the runt of his litter, she was TINY

Any special stories about the dog? Too many!

Where's the mother? With the breeder, daddy too

How much did you pay? $300

All shot taken care of? The first batch was

Spayed or neutered? Not yet... as soon as he's old enough though

Any injuries/illnesses? Nothing... and let's hope it stays that way!



Does it bite? He's nipping, but we're working on that

Does it jump on others? sort of, he's good about it most of the time

Is it house broken? Mostly, if you aren't fast enough when he tells you he has to go... he goes on the potty pad
Has he he teethed on your favorite pair of shoes? all of them have a tooth mark or two now...

Does your dog bark? when he's talking to me... which is most of the time :)

Does it like fetch? for as young as he is, he will fetch already! and bring it back!

Sit on demand? yes.... he just started laying down on command today

Did your dog go to obedience school? hes too young, but he prolly will when hes older

Does your dog play nicely with other dogs? absolutely, he loves other dogs, especially BIG dogs (ie my friends lab)

Has your dog ever humped your leg? Nope, but he has gotten his stuffed elephant before.. kinda cute and funny

What is the most destructive thing your dog has done?  My carpet is shot... there goes my deposit

Any nifty tricks? so far we have sit and lay down, and he kisses on command half the time


Personal preferences

Where does your dog like to sleep? He used to like with me, but he's been in his crate for a week now (mommy needed to sleep through the night for a little bit)

Favorite food? beneful and carrots

Favorite toy? water bottles and cereal boxes

Favorite place to run around? everywhere he can

Favorite parent? MOMMY!  but then again, i am the only parent



Is your dog hyper or calm? depends on his mood! he can be quite lazy or a lot to handle

He like being inside or outside? I think he'd prefer outside, but he's inside most of the time... once the weather warms up, we'll be out more

Does it learn quick? very

Is it stubborn at all? i believe i said he was a corgi :) lol

Does your dog like to swim? i imagine he will when he gets the chance... he LOVES water



What is your favorite thing about your dog? He's my little man and companion

How much time do you spend with the dog? Whenever I am around (basically not when I'm at work.. hes with me 100% of the rest of the time)

How about your spouse? No spouse

Would you take a bullet for your dog? yes.



How many dogs have you had/have? just one

When was the last time your dog was at the vet? couple weeks ago

Why? He was due for a shot

Do you have pet insurance? No, but ive been thinking about it.

Do you let your dog lick your face? yes, we're calling it kisses :)

Have you ever shared food with your dog? ive been resisting... rather proud of myself on that one

Does your dog sleep inside or outside? inside next to my bed

How many times do you walk your dog? as much as i can

Do you brush your dog's teeth? nope... i think ill get him greenies

Do you think your dog loves you? i know it

How can you tell?he follows me everywhere and that little butt waggle explains it all

Has your dog ever bitten anyone? not in a  mean way, just playful nipping

What does he/she look like? a fox

Do you tell your dog you love him/her? every 10 seconds it seems

Has your dog ever had puppies? nope, and he won't get the chance.

Do you like your dog to sleep with you? yes, but he's lost the rights until he sleeps through the night again

Is your dog protective? havent figured that out yet

Has your dog ever scared you? yes, he aggressively growled at me over a pair of stolen underoos... thats something thats not cool and well have to nip that in the butt asap

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