I am trying not to post too much here about the bad, but since it's rare that she really is "bad", I figure I just need to vent now. Usually Poppy is really good about doing her business when I take her outside. She knows the schedule and gets it all done then. But last night when I was trying to go to bed, she was being extra whiny. I wasn't sure if she needed to get more energy out (we didn't go for our normal hike this weekend, which I now know she NEEDS to tie her over for a few days) or what, so I gave her an extra treat ball and she batted that thing around FOREVER until there was only one treat left (excellent! usually she gives up when there are about 5 left). But she was still whining, so I took her out for an extra pee and she went immediately. So that must have been it. And even though she was a bit energetic when we got back, when I finally got off the couch and got into bed, she quieted down.

So I am still learning! Thankfully today is a really long day for her (daycare and class, yay!) so she'll be all tuckered out when we get home.

Otherwise, she is barking slightly less in the halls. She does this growl thing first, which lets me know a bark is coming, so I can quiet her down before it starts. It's all just an adventure that I have never been on!

Have a great week!

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Comment by Ellen Andersen on February 7, 2012 at 6:43pm

Well, a dog as cute as Poppy can never be bad!  She's adorable!  BUT....I sometimes have that issue with one of the pooches or other.  I don't know, but sometimes...you know....you just have to go again.  I mean...it happens to me...I go pee, then hells bells....in a short time, I have to go again (Usually while driving on the freeway or something!).  So, it happens to pooches, too.

Also, one of mine (Annie) was having to pee ALOT when she really only goes on a normal routine.  It turned out she had a bladder infection.  If it keeps up with Poppy, perhaps she should be checked for that (just a urine exam and antibiotics, usually).  I am no expert by any stretch, but that's been my experience.

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