Archie has never been on flea control. His breeder said she's never had a flea problem. About a week after I brought him home I found a couple on him, so at his first visit with my vet I got him some. I've always used Advantage with Caleb and had great results. Well the vets office switched from carrying Advantage to this new kind called Vectra. It is very strong smelling, and ever since I put it on him he's been itching (or should I say trying to itch) he can't reach his back very well. I've checked his skin and theres no rash or irritation. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Wash him and buy Advantage somewhere else? Give it some time? I applied Calebs last dose of Advantage the same day and he's fine. HELP! I FEEL TERRIBLE FOR MAKING MY LITTLE GUY ITCHY!

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Comment by Christen & Bentley on July 16, 2010 at 10:40am
I use confortis, I would not use anything else, I use it about once every 1 1/2 months for my dogs. It is in pill form. The fleas die within 30 minutes and then like i said I might see another one on them about a month & 1/2 later. I like it verus a topical becuase even with using a soap free shampoo I feel a topical loses it effect.
Comment by Kristin & Archie on July 16, 2010 at 10:38am
Thanks Sam, thats what also worries me. Because his back itches so much, Archie keeps rolling over on his back and itching it all over the carpet and my 3 cats are all indoor. I've never had this kind of itching reaction with Caleb on Advantage, and Archie only had a couple of visible fleas. This morning I've been reading on all of the flea treatments, and wow pretty scary. I guess it's like any other med POTENTIAL dangers & side effects, but it's still scary. I'm wondering if I should switch, and the way he likes to rub his back across the carpet makes me really nervous for my cats, and my young neices & nephews that are on my floor alot.
Comment by Sam Tsang on July 16, 2010 at 10:19am
Hi Kristin, Vectra 3D is a 3rd gen neonicotinoid - more effective and longer lasting than Advantage. However it is highly toxic to cats.

Archie is itchy because of the fleas, Vectra 3D kills all life cycles, but you'll need to control the environment, read and follow the instructions here. Make sure you take care of outdoor as well.

If you have cats, ask your vet about Comfortis, when you have a heavy infestation, pair it with capstar and you'll cover all grounds. This combo is your last resort next to dipping. Remember you'll dispose the bag after vacuuming. Hope Archie feels better soon.

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