So I have to fly to Maryland in 3 weeks and i just bought sophie a bag for the flight. shes a little small for it but if she lay's down its not to bad...My biggest problem is that she's never had to be in a crate. At night she gets locked in the kitchen. so I dont know how to go about breaking her to the crate thing so she wont whine the whole time. A couple ppl told me the vet will probably give her a little sedative so she's calm but i want to still break her to it so she will be quiet and wont try to jump out when i open the top of it...does anyone have any suggestions???

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Comment by Susan Stanton on September 14, 2009 at 3:31pm
That's great advice above -- you can also feed her dinner in the crate, too. How old is your pup? When I brought Ethel home from Alabama to Conn (an hour flight, then another 2 hour flight), I just made sure she played a TON before hand and was really tired out. We didn't need for her to take anything at all -- she slept the entire way. When we started our approach into CT, I opened the top of the bag to see if she was okay, and her little head popped out -- the person sitting next to me literally squealed, and said "I had NO idea you had a dog -- she didn't make a peep!" May the same thing happen for you!
Comment by Sky and Lyla on September 14, 2009 at 1:12pm
Just start like you would if you were going to be crate training her. Let her sniff it out, then put little treats in it for her to walk in eat. Start out not closing it, and then when she is comfortable taking treats in it, you might close it for 5 seconds, then 10 seconds, etc. Just gradually work until she feels comfortable. Some dogs will take 10 minutes to go through the whole process and some will take weeks. Good luck!

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