For those of you who dont know
This is Ace
Ace has been my service dog for well over a year now
and I have had my wonderful ups since he has become one.
but with the ups there are the Downs, and its not HIS FAULT!
its society!
like my family (not the ones im living with THANK GOD) my Grandfather will not let Ace in the house because his new kitty cat is scared of him.
Im not allowed at my brothers house (since July) because Ace sheds.. and my sister in law is an OCD maniac (I love her to pieces) and when Scrappy passed away a few months ago their house was infested with fleas... 
i got told Ace isnt allowed in their new house because of the horrible time they had with fleas ...

I am soooo anal about that... our cats and HIM are flea treated everymonth..
Not only that
but Ace gets a bath every other week if not more so (low riders in Oregon... it happens they need their bellies washed more)
he is also well manored (obviously) 
he will not potty in the house.... Much to my displeasure and airports unacomidating a person with severe anxiety.. Ace had to hold it for 12 hours Wednesday..
we were headed from Oklahoma to Oregon (was visiting family friends for the month) and from Oklahoma we landed in Dallas Forth Worth .... and Security told me i would have to go through security check again if i took him out to go potty... Mind you wee were delayed there for 5 hours because of a Nasty Thunderstorm... Lightening was striking the tarmac we werent allowed to board our plane... and I reaaaally didnt want to take him out in that and chance him getting struck.. and going through security once in oklahoma already stirred up a small anxiety attack... 
because You have to take off your dogs collar, leash, vest... EVERYTHING and pray to god your friend will shine like the genious you know him to be and do as you command and not run arround the airport like a maniac... (which by the way Ace did WONDERFUL I am SOOOOO PROUD OF HIM) So getting stirred up over that.. and the thought of doing that agan with a thunderstorm made me anxious thinking about it.. My mother asked the Security officer if one of them or someone take him out to go.. My mom couldnt do it because her back is out so they are taking her around the airport in a wheelchair.. anyways.. we told if he peed on the floor we would let him!

anyways... like i said... 12 hours he held it.. *mind you we didnt give him alot of water so that might have helped*

but yeah

he is well behaived and it just breaks my heart when people say "Oh you can come over but your dog cant" thats like telling an amputee "You can come over but you need to leave your legs at home!" BLAH... anyways..

i just needed to vent a little..

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Comment by Bogart the Cardigan on June 3, 2013 at 10:31pm
Your relatives need training!
Comment by Becky Focht on June 3, 2013 at 8:52am

How could anyone turn that sweet little face away. He's so cute.

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