So, Miso gets her last set of shots next week! Well, it's not a set, it's just her Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine! Then she'll be fine until we go get her fixed!

She's been doing really well lately. We let her run around even more, now that she's starting to grow up a bit and is taking lessons a bit more seriously (We're lucky that the couch she likes to pull stuffing out of came like that...still a comfy couch nonetheless!). She's doing great with her potty training, for the most part, and whines to let us know when she has to go potty. I need to find out what kind of discount I get on puppy kindergarten (I am a Shelter Employee, and thus get a discount), and enroll her soon!

Last week, we took her with us when we went up to Indy to see my dad. She had her first poo in the house...and dragged it all the way across the room, too! I was unhappy, but at least it was the same carpet we've had since my dad bought the house 20 years ago (meaning it couldn't damage the carpet, anyhow). Otherwise, it was a great trip. She now has a BOYFRIEND, whom is an older dachshund named Tank. Tank LOVES Miso. He likes to sniff her and wag his tail. :D I was telling Tank not to get used to Miso at this size (She's about the same size as him right now), 'cause she's only gonna get bigger than him!

She's doing extremely well on the leash training! In the mornings, she drags a little bit on the way to where we take her to potty, but on the way back, she usually walks right next to me. Unless she sees a person, then she goes OMGPERSONLOL and starts practically doing flips to go greet that person. I love her personality!

One of her favorite things to do is run around the living room in circles like a race track, and then go and squeak the crap out of her little Skunk Skinneez toy. It cracks me up! And if I say 'OH MY GOSH' in a very high-pitched tone, she'll come up and bark at me!

Life is good when you have a puppy!

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Comment by Beth on July 11, 2009 at 7:38am
You know, Jack still does the OMGPERSON! thing when people start making gestures that they are going to give him attention. But he has learned that a lot of people ignore him, so he normally pays them no mind unless they first show attention to him. He's pretty sociable. He greets strangers with much more enthusiasm than he greets us, though; our return home barely elicits a yawn. :-(
Comment by Jeny (and Wrigley) on July 11, 2009 at 3:51am
Wrigley does the OMGPERSON and OMGDOG to everyone we see. He gets really sad if people don't want to pet him. I kind of wish I had a puppy stage with him, but this way I can at least start training right away.
Comment by Ashley Kelty on July 10, 2009 at 10:06pm
I love every second of the puppy stage, as eager as I am for her to grow up and calm down. She's in the really nice 4+ month stage, where she's starting to calm down a bit and show her personality. Aside from being CRAZY (and occasionally peeing in her kennel), she's the sweetest pup ever. :)
Comment by Beth on July 10, 2009 at 8:42pm
Jack outgrew the OMGPERON but still does the OMGDOG! to some extent. How he passed his CGC is beyond me, but we caught a lucky break with that one.

He's two and he still fraps in the house, but not nearly as often as he used to. Usually he does it now when I'm being very firm in keeping him from doing something he really wants to do. Then he fraps to show me what Mad Skillz he has. Then he sits by my feet to say he's sorry for sassing me. LOL

The puppy stage is great. Love every minute of it!
Comment by Kyle, Megan and Loki on July 10, 2009 at 4:01pm
She may outgrow frapping inside (the running around) but Loki still does it outside in the room (one particular spot is the frappy grass). He also squeaks things insanely. And does the "OMGPERSON" with everyone he meets, I guess its better than having a mean dog
Comment by Boo Buchheit on July 10, 2009 at 2:03pm
Yes puppies are a joy for sure. Good girl Miso. Beautiful and smart too...what more can you ask.

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