This game was recommended to me by Caesar's trainer and he loves it.

Let your puppy know that you are playing that specific game. I tell Caesar "Let's Track!" and immediately go in the kitchen. I pick up his treats and repeat "Let's Track!" Then I procede to put Caesar on a "sit" and "wait" (you probably would use "stay" but I screwed up and taught him with the wrong command. I let him wait while I hide treats (that was THE harder part to teach him but with time and patience it's doable). Once I am done I go into the kitchen and let him wait for my release. In this case it is "Go Track!"

He searches the house for treats, nose down to the carpet, room to room, every corner. He loves it. He's still at a point that I have to point at the room I want him to go but my goal is to have him hunt the house after treats.

The trainer said it is good stimulation for his mind. So far I just think it is a whole lot of fun!!!

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Comment by Wendt Worth Corgi's on January 9, 2009 at 11:40pm
Oh that sounds awesome. I know they say to hide treats in the house so your dogs can find them. I think I'm going to play hide N seek w/the treats instead of me. There will be alot more hiding places for the treats then me and my daughter. LOL

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