Just a we are alive and well post :)

As I sit here I'm about to go into my final week of school and Thur will dive into a mind numbing creation of my portfolio website for graphic/web design.. phew.. So I realized how I will be ignoring my poor babies and remembered that I haven't posted on here in a while lol. (though I have some wonderful roomies that will help out with their bordum as they always do).

Both kids are healthy and well. Charlie is looking his best finally after much love and care and now is fit and trim like Roxi. We call him lumpy and tease him about his extra skin. Decided that his previous owners first fed him too much then too little too quickly so he has all these extra rolls just hanging off him. Lumpy because we went in after finding a lump on his chest and they determined it was just a fat lump and to just make sure it doesn't get too big since he's a low rider.

Besides that his barking has become less while Roxi's has become more lol. She is a jealous little snot but we love her anyways for it. Knowing its just because she misses being the only child.

Charlie came with only knowing sit and now he has a whole array of tricks like Roxi. We are currently working on spin left and spin right after FINALLY getting him to roll over on his own. Interestingly enough we constantly find things he's scared of probably most likely due to his old life. Soccer balls, the little popping packages from shipped items, the training clicker o_O, fast heavy wind. He doesn't care for rain or heavy snow lol but will still play in it once we coax him into the field. Loves being under a blanket and now playing fetch (now that he brings it back and sorta gives it back haha). Doesn't see the laser pointer though...

Roxi loves working now more then ever. She'll take it over playing tug tug or fetch any day. Though the love of her life is still Frisbee. Though she seems the happiest when we are doing agility or herding with her. Chris is currently training her how to find horns so they can take her out hunting with them. We're currently researching the safest way to do this before they venture out though. I told him bad bad bad things will happen to him if something happened to her. Though its interesting because she's really into it. We take an elk horn have her sniff it.. hide it somewhere and have her find it... that's it. Inside and outside she gets all excited about it.

Besides that they enjoyed playing in the snow when we got dumped on - everyday for almost a week *phew*. Mom got a workout. Have some video that I'll hopefully put up after the herding one we did so long ago... Just been busy and the computer has been on the fritz to edit them. Oh and the highlight of new years was when Auntie Hannah came over with her boys to play and brought them bones from the butcher.. MMMmmmm! Happy new years!

Can't think of anything else lol. This has been an update brought to you by the letter C and R.

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Comment by Sam Tsang on January 5, 2010 at 10:11am
Great update Avyon!

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