So its been a while since I have logged on here :< sorry everyone.

alot has happened in the new year..alot of it dealing with medical appointment/visits to the ER for me :( lucky I have an amazing trooper of a service corgi like Ace who's only disagreement through it all was when I left him in the room with my best friend/roommate while i went to get chest x-rays..

he has been attending school with me and literally goes everywhere with me :) makes me feel so lucky to have such an awesome little guy like him helping me through all the stress of being an adult and finally worrying about me.

He also has gone to the doggy doctor with my cat for dental check up last month.. my cat had a few teeth removed (he's ten and they had caused an infection in his jaw* and Ace got his teeth cleaned and was diagnosed with Allergies to the outside world xD; So Ace is Cleratin Clear :) 
I had mentioned that last april Ace had gained a sore in his armpit that we suspected was just friction burn. but he has had hotspots and his skin has always been a dark pink versus the pale/soft pink of normal skin. They shavedhis arm to put an IV in and it turned bright red. Since he has started Cleratin his skin is normal in color and he hasnt had hotspots and he isnt Itchy :) I got told I was a good Daddy <3 because there were not a single flea on him (which is why we thought he was itchy but we flea treat monthly) made me releaved. 
He also got his nails cut super short.. which is good.. but not.. in being my service dog he walks everywhere with me when we arnt taking public transit. and in them cutting his nails supershort.. they cut the quicks because evidently his nails were too long even though i saw our nail trimmer every other week at minumum. but I knew some of his nails were a little long then one would like even with the trimming. So in there being gravel on the road from the snow we had gotten his nails were being knocked open. So i called the vet and asked what to do. Their suggestions were booties.. so we went to Petsmart and i chose out a pair with a nice rubber sole to them and had him wear them around petsmart while we did a little extra shopping. they seemed to work fine. they stay one and dont fly off like i hear happens.. down fall is the front ones turn around on him and he trips on them.. worries me loads because i dont want to cause more problems then needed.. but its his one front paw and his one back paw that need the booties the most. Ace has also had a nub where his dew claw once was on his front left paw and in wearing the booties they have rubbed that weird nub raw to the point of bleeding the other day.. he has spent the past 2 days without wearing them but im worried that if he doesnt wear them his nails wont grow enough... i mean it has been nearly a month since his nails have been cut..idk if im just being over paranoid. but his feet are IMPORTANT! I dont want him hurt because of me. The tripping worries me becaause i dont want him hurt.

when we had snow he sprained his back leg and had to rest for a couple days.. and I guess im crazy lol

By the way I absolutely love my boy.
We have a new housemate who is like a crazy old lady i swear to god.. she doesnt like cats.. thinks they are diseased creatures of horribleness.. mind you... each 'family' in the house has 2 cats... me and my roommate have my 2... her brother and his girlfriend have 2.. and her parents have 2.. (mind you this is a large house so you wouldnt realize there were ANY cats in the house xD) and she doesnt like Ace .... -A- I dont like anyone who doesnt like my dog.. but i try and be polite.. well... since Day one of her moving into the house.. she cant come out of her room, go anywhere in the house without Ace grumbling and growling at her pressence.. My boy is a good judge of character :) she is a crazy Bitch.. and im not being over dramatic.. she is CRAZY! DISRESPECTFUL! RUDE AND A BITCH!!!  

and Ace knows it.. Everyone else in the house can move around just fine but the moment crazy lady leaves her room he grumbles.. and thats not why she doesnt like him.. she doesnt like animals at all.. except for my roommates Aunt's dog which is a YAPPY Whiney misbehaved untrained dog that will cry all night because you are not her mom. so this lady is crazy and likes a dog like that but not a well behaved pup who doesnt so much as bark unless the doorbell rings (and its only one bark and thats to alert ME that someone is there) ugh... it takes alot to make me HATE someone... and my worst enemy growing up hasnt even ranked HATE from me but this lady has.. anyways..

yeah.. my crazy ranty update :P

anyone know any good suggestions on what to do to keep the booties from twisting on his front feet, keep him from tripping, keep it from rubbing that nub thing raw?

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Comment by Natalie, Lance &Tucker on March 4, 2014 at 12:01am

welcome back..i was just visiting your page the other day reading about your travels with ace last year..sounds like a great trip!!  how great you are able to bring ace with you. 

im not sure about booties, never had to use them with lance or tucker..what about using baby socks?

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