Well, it's been a while! We've had our ups and downs, but for the most part it's been all going very well. Poppy and I finished the shy dog class and it was excellent. Her corgi came out near the end when we started on the agility toys and she barked her head off when the other dogs went before. She didn't even need food motivation to get over the A-frame! I was debating signing her up for agility next, but instead decided to do general obedience. The class is just okay. 10 dogs (up from 5 in shy dog) and she is the oldest BY FAR. Most of the stuff we are doing, we have done already and though we are using a clicker, she is not really responding to it, as she does most of the stuff already without it. I guess she isn't as disobedient as I thought! Also, the class is on Saturday morning and she isn't quit awake at that hour, so it's hard for me to get her to do anything in class, she just stands there and watches everyone else. At home is a different story and she is pretty good.

A few weeks ago, I had a bit of a scare. She threw up for no reason in my bed (good times) so I fed her a little chicken that day. The next day was miserable and I guess the chicken didn't sit well with her as her #2 looked and smelled horrible. I was a bit scared, but decided to wait until the following day to see if it was still bad. It got a lot better, got her back on her regular food and she has been okay. No more chicken for Poppy!!

Poppy has been going to daycare twice a week and it's been going well. When I leave the house on the other days, she may bark a little bit when I put her in her pen area and I am still in the apartment, but as soon as I leave, she is quiet. Mondays are the worst, but even today she was very quiet. I don't leave her alone at night and rarely during the weekend, so I am still a bit nervous about the barking at that time. She is barking like a crazy person every time someone walks by my door, which is annoying, but it rarely lasts not even 60 seconds, so that is getting a lot better. I am looking for a new place to live and I am taking into account the location and if it gets a lot of foot traffic or not.

The weather has been crazy in LA the last few weeks. Last week was the worst. Monday was like 80+, Tuesday would get down to the 50's, Wednesday would be back to 80 and then Thursday on, back to the 50-60's. Poppy's eating has been off and I am blaming the weather. She wasn't playing with her treat ball anymore, so I brought out this kong-type toy I bought a while ago and she played with it pretty well for a few days. Yesterday wasn't great though. She came home from daycare and pooped out on the couch quicker then usual (we had an unusually weird and long Monday/Tuesday) so she didn't eat any of her food early. After our late night walk, I put her bowl that was a bit fuller then usual out, with warm water and she hardly ate any of it. Also, when we went out for our late night walk, she didn't pee immediately, which hasn't happened in MONTHS. Even my sister commented on Monday how fast she pee's when we go outside. Not last night! I got so annoyed and mad. Thankfully she pee'd on our walk. I don't know what I would have done if she didn't as I was so tired. Thankfully today, so far, she seems back to normal.

All in all, it's going well. We are getting into each others groove. We have been to the dog park lots and while she is not super into it, it always tires her out, so that is good. Hopefully we'll go more once it gets hot and I can't walk her as long during lunch. She is barking less at dudes in the park, always a good thing!

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Comment by Yuki & Ellie on March 14, 2012 at 5:05pm

It's good to hear that things are going so well.  :)  Can't wait to hear more good news (and see more pictures!) of little Poppy. 

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