on a lighter note of my last Blog
Ace and i spent the last month in Oklahoma~

We went to a Retreat in Eagle Creek, Oregon. Which Ace spent the whole time running up and down stairs which we had to put an end to the last day and cut back his walking as much as possible because he ran himself to the point of having a form of roadrash in his pits from the friction. We medicated it and its healed WONDERFULLY. The following Tuesday we went through security at PDX Airport. Mind you i have a severe case of Anxiety mostly centered on social but other things trigger it as well. So i am basically in a line of people... *shutter* anyways. I have to take Ace's Vest off, his collar off and his leash as well.. he is NAKED lol. Then I have to put him in a sit stay and then have him come through the metal detector. I mean mind you a dog FREE FROM RESTRAINTS.. I am STILL BEAMING FROM HIM! He did soooo good! They also had me bring him over to this station so they could wand my hands to make sure i didnt have any chemicals on them.  so he is without a leash or anything for like 10 minutes (ok it felt like that) 

Anyways so he did REALLY WELL!

Here he is at our Terminal for our flight... speaking of flight.. Poor thing shook really bad on the flight from portland to Denver.. he hasnt flown since he was 3 months old.. I did alot of reassurance with him on the flight

then we landed in Denver and he was ok xD

then from there we landed in Oklahoma.. there was alot of stress on my end because the person i was supposed to stay with couldnt pick me up and her family thought i was a serial killer... riiiiiight so the people who my mom was staying (Old family friends from when I was 2 xD) came and Picked us up and took Ace and I with them. At their house they have a 14 year old Corgi Chihuahua Mix named Bullet! 

He is a semi Cranky old man xD but he was so excited to see Ace xD like "OH MY GOSH ANOTHER BOY DOG! OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE SHORT LEGS LIKE ME TOO!" xD
They had Cats and a few other dogs. one of which was a Black lab mix (she basically looked like a Miniature Black Lab) her name was Lady and she was the only one willing to actually play with Ace~

Ace how ever didnt get along with any of the cats until a week ago 

Gizmo (cat) and Ace fallowed me all over the place lol (Ace is a given)
we also found out Ace is a Cave Dweller

he always hid under Moms bed out in the livingroom XD not sure ifit was to get aaway from the cats or what xD

we ended up getting picked up by my friend and got to stay with her a bit. We went to a Renaissance Faire and Ace got ALOT of attention

The King stopped in his tracks and wanted to love on him~ Turns out he himself is a Corgi owner :D

The Queen actually bowed dwn to him as did the prince. And when walking into the Castle the guards were all "SALUTE THE ROYAL HOUND" then when we walked past guards fighting with foam swords they would scream " ITS THE ROYAL CORGI! THE ROYAL WAR CORGI! THEY ROYAL WARGI!" xD he got ALOT of attention

he even met mermaids~ they were sweet ad talked to him too xD
Ace also Scared Pirates away from our Carriage ride LOL

By the end of the day he was EXHAUSTED lol poor thing. 

We even went to Buld A Bear with him

and went to the movies with us

We saw two movies while we were there
Iron Man 3
Star Trek into the Darkness

we went to Arbys

and he got his own Arby Jr sandwhich and had a bunch of ladies cooing and aweing over him LOL
then we went to the VA

he slept the whole time (we went to get some things straightened out for moms friends husband)

Ace got his nails pained by my friend bugt I told her ONLY his back feet

and some how Ace broke a nail... like it split all the way down to the paw pad

the vet gave him some anti biotics and tended to it. the vet bill made us cringe and wish we were home with our Vet 

then the time came for us to say goodbye

to the friends we had made

and it was off to the Airport again where Ace SHINED AGAIN like the star he is and did his sit stay and come when asked <3
and then on the plane again This time he wasnt even scared.. he just wanted to sleep..

and we landed in Dallas Forth Worth

where we rode a cart to our terminal... which our plane was delayed.

so we wated

then we waited more

and we waited MORE

then after HOURS of waiting we finally got to board the plane

only to have to get off the plane because of a THUNDERSTORM.. it was bad enough that there was lightening hitting the Tarmac.
then after a few more hours of waiting.. we were allowed to board the plane again

then we were home ad we all crashed because it was midnight!

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Comment by Linda on June 1, 2013 at 11:30pm

What a great adventure you both had!  Ace did better at the airport and delays better than I do.  We flew last week and when I went thru the metal detector it went off.  They said it was just a random check but they also did the wand thing over my hands looking for chemicals.

Very glad he was treated like the royalty that corgis are.

Comment by Lois B. Allen on June 1, 2013 at 9:00pm

Your adventure was great.  I really love the first pic with the hat and black and white band.  He is a handsome fellow but no better than that pic.

Comment by Gail and Ashton on June 1, 2013 at 1:38pm

Jen! Ace was such a trooper! Sounds like you had a great adventure together. Loved seeing all the pictures. :)

Comment by Tracy & Sir Bentley on June 1, 2013 at 12:07pm

Thank you for sharing your travel experience with Ace. Airports can be stressful, sounds like you both did well.  Corgi on! :)

Comment by Jane Christensen on June 1, 2013 at 8:25am

Love the pics and the story:) He just looks so comfortable with all his traveling....I bet he was glad to be home too!

Comment by Bogart the Cardigan on June 1, 2013 at 7:11am
What a great adventure! I especially loved the tales from the renaissance fair!

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