First, get permission from your corgi(s).

I am new to this website and do not know how to use the system.  However, I do have experience in starting various non profit and for profit entities ranging from a community foundation to a banking corporation.  The Gallatin Valley Corgi Club has shown the most amazing fun growth of any in which I have been involved.

Possibly a factor for success is that at age 65 I've finally learned one or two things.

I recall a now deceased real estate organizer friend, who upon his third retirement was presented with a plaque commemorating his accomplishments;  the wording of the plaque was "Ready, Fire!, Aim.

That may well apply to our sixth month old Corgi club which has now raised $140 in cash donations for the local animal shelter and raised a pick up load of dog food donations to the local Food Bank (where food recipients face a challenge of feeding pets as well as children and themselves!).  In this process we received coverage from all three local TV stations for promotion and particularly the local paper and the  NBC affiliate on the results.

The event, and most of the club's organization, could be attributed to a 'gang of eight' who met only twice over pizza / salads and beer.  The secret is to have the right type of eight "Sure, we can do it!" type folks, particularly with internet and marketing backgrounds.

I've babbled enough for now.   If anyone is interested in how I signed up initial members (following a push from a fellow corgi owner) I'll be glad to answer questions.

Here's a link to the results:

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