Peiko does not play nice with my wife and I's smaller dog, help!

One of our concerns before getting Peiko, or a corgi in general is how well will he play with Polly (Our Chorkie Poo, that is just a fancy name for a chihuahua, Yorkie, and toy poodle.) She is not even 4 pounds and is fully grown. Don't get me wrong Polly is still incredibly spry and does a pretty good job standing up to her much bigger younger brother.

So I made the case to my wife that puppies will play rough and when one bites too hard, the other will yelp and stop playing, sending the signal that the play has got to rough and I do not like it. Well here is a problem, Peiko does NOT stop when he bites Polly to hard, she will often try to walk away but he just darts after her and continues pouncing on her, this escalates quickly because Polly gets incredibly angry because he won't let off of her and she tries to bite him hard back to tell him to back off. But his thick double coat and him flailing his weight around on her makes it pretty much impossible for Polly to prove her point.

Some times he will bite on her long neck hair and will not let go of her for awhile. This is incredibly annoying for Polly, my wife and I. His timing is bad, he almost always starts playing with her right when she is about to poop or pee, so often we have to segregate them in order for Polly to just go potty. 

Let me quickly clarify that he is not being aggressive to her, but he just does not seem to understand when she is done. We stop these actions quite often, but it seems like it doesn't stop his behavior. I have let it play out before to see if he gets the clue, but he just doesn't let up until she jumps to a high spot to get away from him. She really does want to play with him but it is to hard to stop it for her so she does gorilla tactics of starting a playing session then jumps on something and tauntingly barks at him.

They do love each other, and it does appear that Polly holds a higher pack status than Peiko does, since he doesn't seem to care anyways.

Another issue is when we take them to the park to run, he just heards her towards me, when in fact we just want her to be able to run strait to my wife. Polly doesn't even want to run at the park anymore because he just cuts her off and starts nipping at her anyways. She will only run if he is being held back.

I apologize for the length of this blog question, but I do not really know what actions to take and constantly reinforce to create a positive playing experience for both of them.

If anyone has any suggestions or past experience we could really use it. Thank you!

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Comment by Jane on October 22, 2012 at 8:23am

I agree with Bev, put a leash on him. You need to correct these things the second they happen.

Comment by Bev Levy on October 21, 2012 at 6:55pm

Put a leash on Peiko and leave it on, when he does the things you describe say no and grab the leash if he doesn't stop. He needs to know that he must mind you when you say no. Also, try to distract him when you are in situations that you know will bring about bad behavior. Your smaller dog must be safe from puppy behavior that is too rough.

Comment by Zigward & Kimberly on October 21, 2012 at 5:42am

Hi! I'm no expert, but here are a few tips that I think may help.

1) You say that Peiko often attacks Polly right as she is trying to potty.. Don't let them out to do business at the same time? Or even keep Peiko leashed for potty breaks.

2) For play time-or even all the time, lots of people do,-maybe keep Peiko on a leash so that way, if Polly tries to walk away, she is free to do so.

3) When Peiko gets too rough with Polly, treat him how you would if he were too rough with you, and give him a time out. (NOT in the crate, never use a crate to punish). I would use either the bathroom, or an Xpen in a room that you can leave him in so he's not getting any attention from you guys.

I don't have any tips on herding... I have no idea about that stuff. Ziggy is lazy as sin!

Good luck!

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