Smart a lesson with a cow hoof!

Miso is such a smarty girl! I've been trying to teach her a few tricks of late, and for a while, it seemed like she really wasn't connecting or learning anything. It was so frustrating, I was worried that she would never learn!

Well, yesterday I pulled out the only treats she eats fast enough to train with, and the clicker. She decided to show me just how smart she is! She showed me that my attempts at teaching her to shake were not in vain, shaking on command! She also knows how to sit, lay down, and jump up! Still working on 'over', and after that, it'll be 'bang bang!'. I'm so happy and excited that my puppy is doing so well, and is such a smart girl! It's like she picked it up overnight.

I've heard that 'down' is difficult to do with corgis. Not Miso! She figured it out right away. I love my smart little girl!

In other news, I just got Miso a cow hoof, filled with cheese and bacon, today. She LOVES it (She's busy chewing on it instead of frapping right now!). So I was playing a video game and watching her, and she had it kinda stuck under the couch. I reached down to move it, she refused to get out of the way, so I kinda nudged her...and she growled and snapped at me! So I immediately took it away, and she went back into her kennel. No alpha voice, just calmly let her know that her behavior is unacceptable. I let her sit in her kennel for a bit, then let her out and let her have it again. I've taken it a few times and she hasn't repeated the aggression, so hopefully I've nipped the problem in the bud.

This Thursday, she gets her last Bordetella (Kennel Cough) shot, then she's done with her shots for another year! All that will be left is fixing her once she hits 6 months. I get a discount at our Snip clinic here in town, being an employee of the Kentucky Humane Society. Hopefully my vet won't get too upset that I'm going for the cheaper option in these hard financial times!

I need to also see about training classes for her. I get a discount on those too!

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