Call me old, or maybe just not up on the times, but I have NEVER blogged before. I am finding this site to be contagious, so as I explore all the options, I thought, "why not, it's a new year!"

I became a member of this site searching for a Cardigan puppy. That said, within 4 hours of my original post, I had found a breeder (LOVE HER!!) and low and behold, a puppy!

My original picture on my page is of PJ, my wonderful "guardian angel" Great Pyrenees - I love that pic because he is smiling and so very happy. I have now posted pics of all the doggie babies at our farm: Willow, the other beloved guardian angel Pyrenees who is the world's sweetest dog, Brody, my soon-to-be 16 yr. old Mini Schnauzer, and Maci, my precious new 5 month old Boxer who was heaven sent from my recently deceased Titus, Great Dane. Truly, if you believe in fate, a dream and several events led me to Maci, who other than being a female and a different breed, is Titus reincarnate. For a true look into her personality, see the pics posted on my Page.

So new puppy (to be named Josie, we are fairly sure) will hopefully arrive by plane from Minneapolis on Friday. Dawn has worked diligently all day on the kennel area in our basement, and Willow and Maci have played in the mud and rain outdoors today (I have spent the day cleaning behind them.)

If anyone reads this other than friends from outside the Corgi pages.....what advice can you offer with bringing on a new 4 1/2 month old Cardi pup? This will be my first Corgi, so other than what I have read, I know very little about the breed.

Happy New Year to one and all!!

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Comment by Alice on January 11, 2009 at 3:46pm
I'm sorry about your boxer. That's the hardest part about being a pet owner, having to deal with the health issues that come up. I hope she gets better. No matter what, just enjoy the time you have with her and know that you are enriching each other’s lives.

Josie sounds like she'll be a handful, but I'm sure you'll have a blast. Finn started his obedience classes last. We're excited to start seeing results. He too is a ball of energy and he can be a bit of a bratty child and turn into a Gremlin, whining, biting at anything within reach and making these word little growling noises. Let's just hope that's something that will get better with age. :)

Good luck! Can't wait to see more of Josie.
Comment by Jill and JOSIE on January 11, 2009 at 2:50pm
We are learning much about the little "Joster". She apparently spent little time running around the house without being in some way contained, as she is "lost" when not in her kennel. I was initially concerned about her socialization, but see that with time she is coming around to most things. She is not at all interested in toys....hmmm I thought, because Maci is CONSTANTLY playing with some kind of squeaky or ball. I keep telling myself Josie has only been here a little over 24 hours, and all things considered she is doing exceptionally well, but I wonder if some of the things I am seeing are related to her breed, her socialization, or her temperament. I have talked to the breeder, and am assured that once I give her some time, I will see her blossom. She has apparently been "mischievious" and somewhat difficult to catch, so I keep her on a flexi leash in the back yard. Will keep posting comments, and we have a puppy class scheduled to start in a couple weeks, which should help with the come when called issue.
Comment by Deanna on January 10, 2009 at 8:26pm
Oh, Jill, I'm so very, very happy for you! Congratulations! Everything went well, and she's home in your arms. As everyone said, you're in for an experience with having a Corgi in the family! Everything everyone else has said before me is so, so true! You'l will absolutely fall under Josie's spell!
Comment by Jill and JOSIE on January 10, 2009 at 6:57pm
SHE"S HERE!!! Josie is home!! Check out new pics on my Page!! What a day today....this am my Boxer Maci was zooming around the yard and collapsed....I ran out in the snow and picked her up, her gums were blue and I thought "Oh God, she just had a heart attack!" She came back around within seconds, but off to the vet where she of course stole all Josie's new-puppy-vet-check glory . Maci is being referred to Purdue to a cardiologist.....and I thought 2009 would be a new year without vet emergencies. I was aware that boxers could have cardiac issues, I also knew Great Danes could have Wobbler's and bloat.....Dawn says God never gives you more than you can handle but let me tell you, I had a very terse concersation with Him today!! My heart cannot handle another loss right now....

On to happier thoughts....Josie is such a HOOT!! She watches TV (I had read many times on this site of people's Corgis doing that). She is so energetic!! She was a nervous wreck after the plane ride, but today, she'e a whole different girl!! We are starting an obedience class in a couple weeks, one of the vet techs at our vet office is also a trainer. And so, the adventures of Josie begin!!!
Comment by Alice on January 10, 2009 at 6:05pm
So, how did it go? Do you have your little girl now?
Comment by Jill and JOSIE on January 9, 2009 at 3:59pm
GREAT news!!!  The flight is in the air and we are driving (well, Dawn is driving, I am typing on the laptop) to Indianapolis where there is sun and no snow (yet!) The breeder just called and said all is a go, the flight was only delayed 30 minutes out of Minneapolis...I am so excited there are no words!!!  My boxer Maci is with us, and we are within 2 hours of picking up our bundle of joy!  YAY!!  Pics to follow tomorrow!!
Comment by Jill and JOSIE on January 9, 2009 at 10:20am
You know how you anticipate, anticipate, anticipate, and then......I woke up this morning (it's Friday, the BIG day) and there is a snow storm from Minneapolis to Chicago. I am now a nervous wreck that the flight won't get out (or in, for that matter). This kind of stuff drives me NUTS, as I am somewhat of an "overprotective Mom" type. I have a call in to the breeder, who has been phenominal at putting my fears at ease over this whole flying a puppy thing. The problem will be, if little "Josie" doesn't get out of Minneapolis today, the weather will turn bitterly cold and she cannot fly until it warms up a bit....perhaps WEEKS before she comes home. I am just so excited (and now nervous) - of course I want to do the safest thing but I have gotten myself SOOOO excited over this puppy....AAAAAHHHHHH!! I am sure you all know what I am going through! Keep fingers crossed and prayers going strong today!!
Comment by Jenni & Dave Fields on January 8, 2009 at 2:17pm
YIPEEE!!!!!! Welcome to the crazy, wonderful world of Corgi ownership!!!! You have a very supportive "extended family" here. I can hardly wait to see pics!!!!!
Comment by Alice on January 7, 2009 at 3:59pm
Sounds like she's getting a great home. I'm very excited for you. Our Cardi Finn is about the same age as your new little girl. Too bad we don't live around there, they could have a play date. :)
Comment by Jill and JOSIE on January 6, 2009 at 9:50pm
I have had an Australian Heeler for 14 years, so I do have an idea how the herding breeds are. We now have a flight confirmed, and everything is in order for Friday!! The vet will see her on Saturday, and then we begin our big adventure!! Pics soon to follow!

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