I know there are quite a few aquatic Corgi's on this site, and I've posted before about Nutty's swimming...but this weekend...OMG.  We went to Snyder Park, just to start getting aquainted again with the dog park and swimming.  I wasn't expecting Nutmeg to go in the lake.  We stopped at the lake first, and they both just walked in the shallow "beach" end, and then wanted to leave.  I made them go further into the beach area, but there were tons of BIG dogs jumping into the lake.  Cinny was freaked.  Nutty just wanted to crap everywhere!  So...we left and went to the actual dog park area.  They wouldn't leave my side! It's an off leash open park!  We went over by the small dog area, and they wouldn't play with any of the other little dogs.  We walked through the big dog area, and the followed me (and were off leash) everywhere I walked.  HAVE I MADE MY DOGS CRAZY THIS WINTER?


I'm pretty despondent now...thinking my girls are anti-social....but they LOVE the neighborhood dogs, and my BF's dog!


I think- well I'm not gonna go without Nutty getting her swim, at least up to her body.


We go back into the lake area, and all of the big dogs are gone.  YEAH!  Nutty SPRINTS to the beach area, and swims straight out!  No life jacket!  Next thing, Cinny is going in.  Cinny had just swam for her first time last summer!  They are like two torpedos mimicking each other. They went so far out, I was very close to going in. I called them back, and they did a syncronized turn to rival any Olympics!


When they got back to the beach and shook...they took off running and playing with the medium dogs!


Drama! UGH!

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