A friend of mine regularly takes her German Shepard, Mila, walking on some trails locally. She used to go with another friend with her Pitt Bull, but the dog was diagnosed with arthritis. Since she didn't want to go by herself, Camden & I got an invite.

I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised how well Camden has taken to hiking. On our normal walks, which are maybe 20 to 30 mins long, he'll lay down and force me to stop or even pick him up to take him home. Tonight we hiked for an hour and a half non-stop. My friend said it was because he was trying to impress his "Amazonian girlfriend." In addition to his endurance, Camden is also a lot more agile than I expected. He kept up with Mila every step of the way, jumping on top of a downed tree in one leap, and climbing up and down hills that I had to sit to make down safety (I'm a klutz, so that might not be saying much) . It's amazing what our corgis are capable of.

I need to remember to bring the camera next time.

Anyone else been surprised by their furbabies?

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Comment by Ashley and Zorro on October 20, 2012 at 1:07pm

I took Zorro on his first run today! I am on week 3 of a C25K program and thought I would try taking him along. He didn't do terrible, although it did make running more exhausting because he would stop to smell something and I would pull him forward, then he would shoot forward and I would have to pull him back. Towards the end he started wanting to lay down, but hopefully he gets better! Glad to hear Camden is loving hiking!

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