Sadie went to the vet on May 1st, at 14 weeks, and was 8lbs!! So she gained 2lbs in 3 weeks. While at the vet we noticed she had roundworms, but is off her medication now and goes back to get new test results next week. Hopefully they are all gone!! She received he fourth set of puppy shots, but since they were all given early to her, she will be given her additional puppy shot when we go for the check up.

She turns 4 months old tomorrow, time really does fly. We start puppy classes next Tuesday the 19th. It is an eight week course at our local PetSmart. I am excited to let her interact and socialize with other puppies as well as learn some new commands. As of now, she knows how to "sit" "speak" and "shake" (she is a lefty!). I can't wait for her to learn the "stay" and "come" commands because she does not listen to either of those. I want to teach her the "bang bang" trick soon, I love that one.

She is still eating her Blue Buffalo dog food, which sometimes I mix a little bit of low-fat cottage cheese in. She thinks she is a "big girl" and refuses to sleep in her crate with the door shut. Since my bed is way too high for her to get on (I need to get her stairs) she sleeps on her blanket and throughout the night will move into her crate when she wants. She is doing great with the potty training, and only has random accidents (crossing my fingers)! Her love for leaves, grass, and even sticks has not changed; but it needs to, I do not enjoy coming home to a pile of sticks in my living room! =)

We got Sadie's nails clipped for the first time today, as well as trim the hair on her toes. She was quite the wiggler at first, but then soon calmed down realizing it really didn't hurt. She went through it like a champ!

That's all for now!

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