Our usual weekend afternoon consist of me and rhun cuddling on the couch while adora rummages about with her toys and trying to pick on her brother. But on saturday the dogs where outside playing in the snow when i saw that the canadian international dog show was on TV the second i switched the channel they went nuts barking to come back in.... Could they really hear the tv? It is very unlikely it was luck because my dogs never bark to come inside, especially only after being out there 5 minute or so. Usually i have a hard time getting them to come in. So i let them in and sat down to watch the first 4 classes go. Sadly the herding group wasn't till Sunday afternoon. But amazingly enough when i called the dogs on the couch they both laid down and watch the whole show with out a peep or looking away except during commercial. A rarely it is in my house to have both 14 month old corgi's so quiet and mellow for so long with out going to the dog park first. So sunday afternoon roles around once again the dogs where outside as i turn the channel to the start of the dog show and they did it again!. To creepy, once again they sat nicely one the couch not bugging each other. The the german shepherd came on and Adora jumped up flew onto the coffee table, stump going and then flew off the table and started jumping in front of the tv. Before i could flinch non the less. After they went to another dog and then the Sheltie and dog-gone-it she did it again. This time getting a stern "no" for jumping on the table where no paws are suppose to touch. When the corgi came on she jumped up and started barking on the table, in and excited bark. Oh me oh my..... While all this happened Rhun just lifts he head off my feet and looks at me like "mum sis has gone nuts again, tell her to be quiet and get out of my view, im trying to watch the show". Do alot of dog like to watch dog shows, my will watch ceaser but they never sit so nice and watch it, they usually watch and play at the same time.

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Comment by Ace and Jen on December 15, 2010 at 5:14am

Ace loves Animal planet though he doesnt care to much for animal cops lol  he always growls

Comment by Donald Till on December 14, 2010 at 8:34pm

I think all of our Corgi's respond to the sounds of the TV.  But not all of them seem to respond visually to the TV.  One of my dogs can see the TV very well and another pretty well the other two don't seem to regularly see things on TV. 


We call the window to the front yard of our house the dog TV.  We have a bench in front of it and they like to lay and keep an eye on the excitment going on out front.  Cat's and other dogs are their favorite programs and often we get rewarded with a full blown howlfest when the dog walkers come by. 



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