Ziggy played with another dog! It was crazy! They ran around, jumping at one another, Ziggy in full derp mode!:D I feel like I could fly, I'm so elated:D

What's weird? Ziggy wanted to play more than the other dog. I mean, that wouldn't be very weird, except for the fact that Ziggy never wants to do anything!! 

At first, it was him hoping around me, playing tug-o-war with my hand when then the other dog in the house, Shadow, came around to see what all the noise was about. Ziggy took this chance to run up to him, bounce, run back to me.. It took a couple times of him repeating that process, but then Shadow started bouncing back and soon they were air biting at each others faces, romping around.

Unfortunately, they got close too Shadow's hudad, and things got too real for Shadow. (Major jealousy issues.. Dog or human, he doesn't want you around his daddy!) Shadow started getting a little vicious, so Ziggy backed down. He tried a couple more times to get Shadow to play again, but at that point, Shadow wasn't a happy camper so Ziggy gave up.

It was really great to see him play. I wanted to record it but I just couldn't get myself to set up the camera and miss out on him playing! It was adorable!! It makes me that much more excited for when I have the money, space and time for a second dog. (Why can't I just win the lottery?)

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Comment by Chris, Kadi & Brodie on July 27, 2012 at 6:58am

Hurray! Watching a FRAP session is about as good as it gets! Very happy for you and Ziggy!

Comment by Mai on July 25, 2012 at 7:31pm

Awww...That's so cool!

I can't find ANYDOG that wants to play with Chuckie near us! Not even that 2 month old pitbull puppy that we met. All she did was smell him then ignored him even after Chuckie invited her to play!

I'm so sad that he doesn't have a playmate! I can't afford another dog right now so, he's lonely.  It's not that I want another dog to play with him so, that I don't have to exercise him.  It's that Chuckie is very dog motivated.  He loves dogs and always wants to play with them.  He'll play with me but, not in a very excited, happy way.  More like a child that plays with their mom because they don't have a choice.

But, put in a dog that is willing to play with him, then I don't exist in his radar anymore.  He'll chase the other dog, play tag, roll around play biting, run circles around the dog, use his butt to fend off playful attacks, etc. etc. The playmate search is still ongoing!


Comment by Emily & Scout on July 25, 2012 at 2:28pm

That's so great, especially since they are 2 males and Shadow has had little issues before.  It is so nice to see them come out of their little shell.  I haven't been on chat much b/c we have yet to get internet at the house (and work computers do not allow me to chat). 

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