GoGoRainbow's Videos (14)

  • The Spinny Thing

    The Spinny Thing 0:12

    When we are throwing the frisbee/ball and Pooka has lost track of it flying through the air, she al… Tags: cute, corgi GoGoRainbow Mar 6, 2010 98 views

  • Pathetic Pooka

    Pathetic Pooka 01:59

    This is a trick I call "What's wrong?" in which pooka whines and whines. There were other dogs vis… GoGoRainbow Dec 11, 2009 136 views

  • Cat and Dog playtime!

    Cat and Dog playtime! 02:02

    She loves that cat! But it don't love her. You can pretty much skip from 0:20 to 1:00 (when Pooka s… GoGoRainbow Mar 24, 2009 132 views

  • Tail nubbin for the cat

    Tail nubbin for the cat 0:47

    I tried to get a video showing her ears-back excitement, but she'd never do it on film, she'd alway… GoGoRainbow Mar 24, 2009 114 views

  • Pickin' up Pooka

    Pickin' up Pooka 0:57

    Just showin off some of her family, including, siblings, mother, and two sisters from other litters… GoGoRainbow Mar 24, 2009 97 views

  • Pooka's Ride Home

    Pooka's Ride Home 0:25

    We had about an hour ride home and as is expected, she got a bit whiny. It was tooo cute! ^_^ but… Tags: whine, corgi GoGoRainbow Mar 5, 2009 246 views

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