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My pets ARE my children!
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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RIP Bear - you are missed beyond belief. Bear was a loving, protective, happy 24-7, nut who was my soul mate. She developed DM in 2018 at the age of 15, she lived with it up until the end of 2019. I'm thankful her DM didn't develop until late in life, but the part that broke my heart still to this day is that her attitude, love, and happiness never diminished. It was very difficult putting her down because her personality was always there but her body just gave out. Bear was an habitual puppy up until the end! She loved people and tolerated dogs. Her favorite things were running and playing in the great outdoors and swimming at the local creek and the beach.

Our newest, tri Olive, female, born on 12-23-19. From day one she was fearless, combative and oh so cute. We were about to give up our search for a new corgi but that same day I was put in contact of a friend of a friend who had a female (we only get female dogs, just our preference)at a great price we couldn't pass up. We went to Oregon to pick her up the day she hit 8 weeks, she drove home like she knew us, wasn't scared in the least, got home same - no fear at all. I guess it was meant to be. This ones a wild one compared to our first Corgi experience. But we know there could only be one Bear.
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  • April

    Hi Bear!!!! Momo and I wish to thank you for the friendship! Glad to see other corgis from the bay area on Happy Holidays and see you around!
  • Veronica Wagenet

    Feel free to join the Silicon Valley group too!
  • LB's Page

    My dear soul mate Bear developed DM in the late stage of her life at age 15 yrs old. Her attitude never wavered, she loved life, and her family and we loved her like a child. She really had the same personality as myself, I called her my soul mate from the day I brought her home. I miss her dearly, she was the best dog I ever had, and well mannered, and most of all happy. With this said I think she had a hand in us finding our new corgi, Olive, our 13 week, tri terror! Nothing like our beloved Bear but we love her just the same. But I see a lot of work ahead of us with this one. She's a wild child, fearless and loves a challenge. Oh boy!!