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Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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They're adorable
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  • Carol Rea

    welcome Christine, you're right, they are adoable! how many do you have? Carol, Lucky and Sonny
  • Lori A. Haskett

    welcome to mycorgi...just love the pics!
  • Natalie, Lance &Tucker

    Hello and Welcome!!

  • Wendt Worth Corgi's

  • Jane Christensen


    From Jane and her gang...
  • Judi, Dawn, Soffie & Griffyn

    Love all your pics!!
  • Hana

    Cute!!! I think Hana and Artemis maybe sibblings. We got Hana from Jane as well.
  • Hana

    We met Artemis when we picked Hana. Yes, family reunoin sometime sounds good. Do you have a tri corgi as well??
  • Nicola Porter

    I was going to ask if Artemis was a Jane puppy because of the tail and the area but I gather he is.
  • Tiana & Ein

    When is he sibling arriving?
  • Tiana & Ein

    Awh is he/she the little tri colored one that you have pictures of?
  • Lisa

    Yeah, new friends! Christine is too cute!
  • Tiana & Ein

    He is soo cute and corgis are so funn to have :) I'm getting Ein a little brother in september :)
  • Hana

    That is great. So how old is the tri?
  • Tiana & Ein

    Ein will be a year and 3 months on the 9th of august.
  • Hana

    Where is he coming from?
  • Tiana & Ein

    Nahh corgis aren't that hard to train. Their fairly easy to train so you'll be fine :)
  • Jane Christensen

    Apollo looks so tiny...what a cute little guy!
  • Hana

    Apollo is soooooooo cute!! How are Artemis and Apollo getting along??
  • Hana

    Busy parents!
  • Edward and Gemima have some very cute Corgis. If you ever get down near Rochester let us know!!
  • Mendy Miller

    Two puppie at once? you are gutsy! They are adorable.
  • Jane Christensen

    Hey Christine!

    How are the pups doing? I love their outfits...where did you find them????? Hope Apollo is getting better every day! Give Artemis a big hug for me!
  • Jane Christensen

    How are your babes doing? haven't heard from you in awhile!
  • Atlas & Trinity

    Our corgis share the same name!
  • Jane Christensen

    Happy Birthday Christine! Hope you have a great day!