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Bastrop, TX

United States

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Bastrop, Texas
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Hi I'm a Welsh Pembroke Corgi owner Oscar is 17 years old.
Welsh Corgi Breeder?
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Oscar is a Pembroke Corgi.
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  • Bev Levy

    Ha ha! I was not offended. I have always considered my furry house mates as family. My kids grew up calling dogs and cats their brothers and sisters. Welcome and love your photos.

  • Jane Christensen

    The vast majority in the USA want their Pems docked. There are people that would like to have an undocked Pem but they are rare in the USA. There are no restrictions here about docking but a few years ago there were some large vet practices that did decide they would no longer dock/crop. I don't know if they still don't or not.

  • WhiteDove